Daily Archives: September 17, 2010

Marvel Masterpieces (1993)

Hulk - #1

This set was an interesting one.  While it was very light on the Hulk side there are some exceptional pieces of art in the set!  Hulk is the very first card, and while I think he looks maybe a bit too skinny, he shows a fantastic rage.  A screaming anger – or an emotional pain – that really sets this piece aside.

The Absorbing Man - #58

The other pieces are Abomination – which I am not a big fan of this card – and the Absorbing Man – which is fantastic!  This set uses different artists and it works well here.  I usually like when they commission a specific artist to do the whole series – but here the variety is refreshing.

Abomination - #61

The chase cards were VERY disappointing in this series.  There were 9 Dyna-Etch cards – another word for pretty! – of the 2099 X-Men.  You read right, the 2099 X-Men!  Who even remembers them?  Who wants to?