Interview with Jeff Parker

Gary Miller has done a bang up job interviewing Parker – which you can read right here on a great site called Daily POP.  I am somewhat excited to read what Parker’s take on the Red Hulk is – and hopefully he can get fans to stop calling him Rulk – because that sounds so freakin’ stupid!

Remember – Hulk #25 comes out THIS Wednesday!

4 responses to “Interview with Jeff Parker

  1. Too bad that they already call the Shaggy Man the General.
    Even that would be better than Rulk !

  2. Ratchet, If you read my about page, I specifically state that I hate it, but I don’t know what the hell else to call him. I say Red, Red Hulk, and sometimes I call him Rulk. But I don’t think they’ll ever call him that in the actual books, that would be really awful.

  3. I find myself saying “Rulk” When the Hulk is in the same sentence or story. I went from swearing I’d never say Rulk to using it all the time. I’m weak man, there’s nothing else to say.

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