The Incredible Hulks #613 (2010) – The Review

Incredible Hulk #613

So, we’re going to have to do a little catch up here.  I was planning a huge review on the life of Hiro-Kala, Hulk’s other son, but with this new storyline, I may have to do it a lot sooner than I thought.  See, really quick here, Hiro is Skaar’s twin brother.  He witnessed everything that happened on Sakaar – he witnessed the great devourer, Galactus, destroy his home.  And in one of the coolest twists – he then lured Galactus to another world for him to devour – except this time he poisoned the big G.  It was quite the moment.  Anyways, Hiro then set out to find his brother – but landed on K’ai – Jarella’s world.  Hiro saved the planet – with the assistance of the Worldmind – a mystical force on the planet.  But Worldmind also sees Hiro’s true intent and he tries, unsuccessfully, to help Hiro see the error of his ways.  Instead Hiro enslaves the whole planet and heads to Earth to confront his brother and long lost father…

Hiro is a bad... BAD man

Whew!  Now, we join the Hulk gang where we last left them.  With Hulk and Betty fighting it out.  But Skaar suddenly feels the presence of his brother.  Hank, Reed, Stark and Cho all are alerted to a new planet in our solar system.  Betty continues to press Bruce’s buttons in telling him that his son is the biggest Monster on the planet – the Hulk comes back with – “No, I am.”

The Brothers back together soon...

In the midst of the fight former Cap and Cho show up with a rocket.  They ask the Hulk to take the lead and to get in the rocket and check out the new planet, that the Hulk happens to know very well, that has appeared in our solar system.  In one of the best scenes ever in a Hulk comic, the Hulk considers the opportunity.  “You want me to get into a shuttle.  So you can shoot me into space.”

Cap and Cho - trying to talk Hulk into another shuttle...

Cho tries to explain that it’s legit – but the Hulk looks to Skaar – and Skaar pleads for his father not to do it with a simple “no”.  The Hulk destroys the shuttle.  Rick asks why they didn’t help Cap – and Betty says to ask Skaar.  Meekly Skaar tells his father why the planet appeared – and who is on it.  The Hulk slams his fist on the ground.  “ANOTHER Son…” but Skaar corrects him “No… another monster.”

Another Monster... on the way...

Holy Hell!  Could this get anymore exciting?  This is what reading comics is all about!  Pak really shows you what the build up of Planet Hulk, Skaar and Hiro, everything was all for!  He’s even taken the horrid writing of Loeb’s Red Hulk opus and made it work!  Thank you Pak – you have me riveted!  Grade: A

14 responses to “The Incredible Hulks #613 (2010) – The Review

  1. Can’t wait ’til next month!

  2. “Parker really shows you what the build up of Planet Hulk, Skaar and Hiro, everything was all for!”

    Methinks somebody’s too enthusiastic about Jeff Parker on HULK #25 tomorrow.

    Good review.


  3. I worry that we will be seeing the return of a Professesque. They are starting to show pages with the Hulk wearing cargo shorts. Pak has also said that Banner will have more influence over the Hulk’s personality. When this happens Hulk has a tendency of getting his as kicked ALOT! Heck they already showed a page where Captain America KO”S the Hulk within the next issue or two.

  4. I really need to start rereading what a type :\

  5. Great read sooooo looking forward to the next edition.

    Does anyone know if there is a variant cover, haven’t been able to track one down.

    • There was no variant I am aware of – an ebay search results in no variants either – so I’m pretty sure there is not.

      • I could’nt track one down on the bay either oh well-at least we have Hulk 25 Philip Tan Variant to look forward to.

    • No variants for this one. It’s only the second issue since Loeb started his run that hasn’t had a variant. (IH #604 was the first.)

      There are two variants for HULK #25 out today–the Billy Tan variant, and a Gabriel Hardman wraparound variant.

      Both INCREDIBLE HULKS #614 and HULK #26 have vampire variants next month, then that’s it for variants that are currently solicited, until the “Tron” variant to #618.


  6. I don’t know….i just can’t get into this hole family of hulks thing. It takes away from Hulk being special….and the hole isolation thing that has always been a big part of Hulk.

    • I know it’s certainly a different take – and it’s early to boot – but I think they are heading in the right direction so far…

  7. I thought the same thing when Batman started being surrounded by a dozen people, and while it’s different- I don’t think that’s a bad thing if it’s being done as interestingly as it seems to be running.

  8. I only hope this ends with the real Hulk kicking Galactus’ ass.

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