Also on the Stands…

Avengers #5

Avengers #5 still has the Future Hulk – playing a bigger and bigger part.  Also Skull Kickers #1 by Image Comics does a great homage to Incredible Hulk #1!  Check them out!

Skull Kickers #1 - Look Familiar?

5 responses to “Also on the Stands…

  1. Why does Skull-Kickers look like it’s 10 years old?

  2. Also, I like how it says “299” cents.

  3. The new new new ect.. Avengers reboot is taking FOREVER to get to the point. its taking 5 issues just to REALLY figure out whats going and i feel like they could drag this whole broken timeline/Ultron Wars thing out another 6 isssue.s If Red Hulk wasn’t coming on board than i would stop reading this all together. Is it me or is everytime they relaunch or create a new Avengers book Ultron is AWAYS in the first story arc?

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