Hulk #25 (2010) – The Review

Hulk #25

In the first few pages of Hulk #25 – you know you are dealing with a new writer… dare I say, a better writer.  You know you are dealing with a new Red Hulk too.  And you know what’s funny?  The people reading the Hulk now – are Hulk fans – it won’t sell like hot cakes (which is too bad) because it has two strikes against it.  #1 – Loeb left.  Believe it or not this guy has a following.  People who will buy anything of his – even if it’s 5th grade level fluff like Hulk #1-24.  #2 McGuiness is out too.  Ed couldn’t stay though… I mean Parker’s style and his wouldn’t mix well.  There isn’t a whole lot of opportunity to showcase splashy page action – but what there is is a whole lot of great storytelling going on!

Geeks? Really? Geeks?

I’m not sure how in depth people really want me to go with these issues – and I hate just doing a basic recap – but within the first few pages Parker sets up the reader to let you know this is not going to be the same comic with little one liners and convenient “new” powers popping up.  Basically, you’re not going to see Red taking a ride on the Surfer’s board and killing much powerful characters for no reason – and more so – you’re not going to see Red arbitrarily punching out a Watcher.

Tan Variant 1:20

In fact, in the first few pages, Bruce does some surgery on Ross that removes the absorbing power all together.  Ross thinks Bruce is jealous of how powerful he was – when, in fact, Bruce was saving Ross’ life.  The power was a fail safe, explained by Bruce, to kill Ross within a year.  Wow – see what Parker just did there Loeb?  He EXPLAINED what happened!  It’s what good writers do!  They don’t just keep writing crap that he will HOPE to explain later, leaving a whole bunch of plot holes that people will explain by saying “It’s tongue in cheek!” “It’s light and FUN!”  Man, I want to kick those people in the temple.

Banner telling Ross who the big dog will ALWAYS be!
Ross - showing his soft side

Let’s move on, shall we?  With the Red de-powered and ready to help out Cap – not to mention a thousand monsters now attacking the Earth – they send Red out to California to take on a bunch of people infected with a replicating alloy that is spreading.  Cap says that he’s sending a partner along with Red – Red tries to deter that idea and jumps off – but Cap already sends Iron Man out.  He also sends a message that the Red Hulk will be there to help him – but that message doesn’t make it!

Red taking bitches down!

With Red at the scene, beating down the replicating diseased people, Iron Man assumes he was sent to  take Red out.  He attacks – and he attacks HARD!  And as he has Red on the ropes he is attacked by the real threat – and they start replicating through his armor!  By the time Red gets up all he sees is an empty Iron Man shell…

That can't be good...

Thank you Parker for coming out of the gate swinging – and really knocking it out of the park!  I’m really interested in a character I had nothing but contempt for for the past 2 years.  This storyline is fun – and actually makes sense so far!  Hardman does a fantastic job – but I feel like people are going to be down on his art – mainly because they are going from McG to Hardman.  But the truth is – this is the way to go when you switch artists – going with someone in a totally different style that still looks pretty damn great.  The only gripe I have is wanting to know where this all falls in continuity.  Before – or AFTER Dark Son?  Grade: A

Hardman Wrap Around Cover
Back of Cover

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26 thoughts on “Hulk #25 (2010) – The Review

  1. I have a question. Where did these creatures come from and how were they created? I know it was Modok and the Leader who set up everything up, but are there any more details about what these things are?

    1. All they have said so far is that these are part of the Leader and MODOK’s contingency plan to destroy the Earth is they didn’t get to take over.

      Maybe more explanation will be coming – but to tell the truth, much like no explanation can kill a comic, so can OVER explaining things…

  2. Back in 1999 the JLA (#24-26) encounter General Eiling, who transfer his consciousness into a hulkish body with fangs. The General was even shown on the animated JLA series trashing Supes. I guess Marvel had to have there own General in the form of Ross. After reading ish#25 that’s who it reminded me of. So far I’m liking it, by the way I just picked up Koto-Hulk statue green and me like. Are you going to show case KotoHulk or the Mcdons happy meal Hulk? It’s good to be back.

    1. 465!?! It’s great to hear from you again! I will absolutely be posting those 2 Hulks – right now I am going through my card collection and posting the Hulk cards – I am getting close to the end – but after that I have some AMAZING pieces to show off!

    2. The General, or Shaggy man was in Wizard a few months ago. He even wore purple pants for a while. It’s like the DC stole the Hulk and now Marvel stole Red ha!

  3. Right, at first I mean. Anyway. Ratchet! Red Hulk is finally showing signs of the potential I hoped he had! I always liked the character- and by that I mean Ross as a Hulk. Now is the time for some really cool interactions, AS WELL as a cohesive balanced story! Very cool.

  4. That absorbing power is lame. I agree, now I am more interested in reading about Red. Even tho there are WAY TOO MANY HULKS. Green should show up more than often, I hope, to kick ass. Banner is the Hulk.

    1. I guess that’s why they got rid of it. It served really only one purpose- to set us up for an awesome Green return! Now that it’s over, bye bye.

      Like I mentioned in my review, I really hope we see Banner in the book as well. I don’t know if Parker is going this way, but I’d be very cool if Banner was Ross’ direct superior, or at least his guy similar to Q from James Bond, where they had to see each other a lot- and Ross has to swallow Banner’s s**t.

  5. A interesting possibility came to me. Notice the sensory depravation chamber early in this story? Is it possible that this adventure is hallucination? I hope Jeff Parker doesn’t do this. And if it is an hallucination,it will hopefully end next issue.

      1. whoa, Zeno. Somewhere when I first read it, the Twilight Zone twist ending fan in me sorta kinda thought something like that…. but I too really hope that’s not the case.

  6. One thing that could have been explained was the whole Talbolt LMD thing. Amadaeus said the technology showed Talbolt was for real and not a LMD. This is a major plot hole that really needs to be addressed.

    1. I agree – and the thing is – that was written in TIH… if memory serves – but if anything that had to have been Loeb’s writing…

      1. Yes, I agree it was Loeb’s mistake. You wonder if he was even paying attention to what Pak was saying to him let alone writing. The point is Pak or Parker or Scott Reed really need to address this point. The only major flaw, so far at least, of Pak’s Dark Son is that this wasn’t addressed.

  7. Loeb said in his first interview, when he started Hulk, that this would be a calculating weapon toting Red Hulk. If I am going to try to accept this character, where are the weapons?

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