Hulk Movie Trading Card Set (2003)

They combined both comic and movie images

This was a fun set to collect.  I remember this set being one of the first sets that I tried to get every card – remember, these other sets I have were given to me – even the Marvel Masterpieces that I collected – I never really tried to collect the whole series.  I just got what I got.  But this set was one where I actually continued to buy packages to try to get the cards I needed.  Of course, that left me with several incomplete sets – missing just a card or two – also missing a few of the chase cards.

I love this two-some

... and the Big Guy!

I went into Larry’s Comics and saw they had 2 whole boxes – so I haggled for one of the boxes down to a price we both were happy with – and I went to town ripping these packages open trying to find the few missing cards I needed.  I needed base card #35 – got it.  Base card #50 – got it.  I needed chase card, Illustrated Film Scene, #3 -got it – and needed chase card #10 – DIDN’T get it.  I also had every famous cover card – except for #10 – and I didn’t get that either.  I was fuming!

JRJR does the Illustrated Film Scene set

All... bu #10 - which I have, but it's on another page...

I only needed a few cards to complete the set – so to ebay I turned.  I was able to get the Illustrated Film Scene #10 – but the famous covers #10 was impossible to find!  Unless I wanted to pay $30 for the entire set and have another ALMOST complete set of these… so I waited.  I have told the followers of this blog many times about patience… and this is yet ANOTHER story where it worked out.  I continued to browse ebay – and then one day I found an international seller – selling the exact card I needed – but he listed it under the year the comic featured on the card came out!  And there it was!  $2.00 later it was all mine!

The First Two Covers

Famous Covers Chase Cards

Anyways, great set – worth picking up!  I loved how the base set had both movie and comic images.  Again, this set is worth picking up!  And it’s actually pretty easy to snag off ebay for a pretty nice price – not like I did, the old fashion way, which cost me a fortune!

6 responses to “Hulk Movie Trading Card Set (2003)

  1. Great collection. Man your really dedicated

  2. Ratchet is by far THE Hulk authority.

  3. What a nice set!

    I remember waaaaay back in the day pouring over a friend’s Empire Strikes Back card set being the only way to to revisit the film. It’s nice to know that there are still card sets made like this and to see some love given to the Ang Lee film.

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