Marvel Select Abomination (2010)

Abomination in the package

Imagine meeting this guy in a dark alley?


Only a face a Mother can love!

Alright, I’m taking a break from all the cards for a bit so that I can review some of the other Hulk stuff!  I know some of you are probably psyched about this – but I started the card reviews and darn it –  am going to finish them!  But first on to this figure!  Can I ask – why is it Marvel can’t get an Abomination figure right?  I mean, don’t get me wrong, this figure is as close to perfect as you can get – less the feet.

Incredibly Sculpted - but not the Abomination's feet!

Alright!  There!  I said it!  This figure is amazing – and with the wrong feet!  What happened Marvel?  Abomination has two toes – two freakishly huge toes!  So, what the hell happened?  These feet are – as Sean said – “Big Monster Feet!” and they do look good – but they are not Abomination feet.

Wow! What a figure!

He Means Business!

But this sucker is huge!  And heavy!  You could throw this at someone and be brought up on murder charges because it’s THAT heavy!  Heavier than the Hulk that came out earlier – but just as big!  The texture of the skin is rough and wild – and the face is evil and scary!  One thing – I wish you could make the head look up a little.  But as it stands when you have him set up – it looks as though he’s looking down.

What a rumble it will be!

This is absolutely the perfect companion to the Marvel Select Hulk that came out.  All in all – great figure – just wish they didn’t mess those damn feet up!  I know Marvel Select is an expensive line – but with the prices that some of those MU figures go for these figures are actually quite the deal!  I’ve heard Juggernaut is on the horizon for this line!  I can’t wait!

Who can stop the Juggernaut? Wait... What?

9 responses to “Marvel Select Abomination (2010)

  1. The feet are actually what made me pass on this
    figure. I’m saving my money for Juggernaut
    and the Bowen Wendigo.

    I can understand when Toy Biz put out the first wave of the Absorbing Man figure with the small Hulk arm instead of the big arm a few years back.

    But how do you get the feet wrong on the
    Abomination ?!

    • I totally understand what you’re saying – it is too bad… so far the ML figure is the best Abomination out there!

  2. This Abomination look’s like a cross between the comic and movie version. I kinda like this figs look and wished the movie version looked like the fig, more mencing. The feet don’t bother me too much, but the figs a little stiff, with not enough joints. It gets a 8/10 in my b00k.

    • I think this would’ve been the perfect rendition to put in the movie! They almost had it too – all they had to do was put ears on the guy!

    • He looks more like Ch’od of the Starjammers
      than Abomination. I think someone might have
      mentioned that previously on this site.

  3. Yeah your right Ratchet, I did say big monster feet, and I still like them. Yeah they are not comic accurate, but man its better than any of the puss hasbro puts out these days!! $40 for a kick ass huge Abomination, or $40 for 2 Marvel Univervers pieces of crap???

    Its funny, I recently got a lot of Hulk back issues, and Sal would draw abominations feet differently in some issues. Sometimes with two big toes, sometimes with more. Mel bought me a book about Sal Buscema on the weekend and on the cover abomination has 3 toes!

    but in saying all that, he never had feet like this figure. Its ok though, on my shelf his feel are hiden behind smaller figures in front so know one will ever know but us hulk geeks 🙂

    • Hey Sean – I remember you saying that – and it is true – the whole figure is amazing… personally still would’ve liked to see a comic accurate Abomination figure! How did you like the ML Abomination?

  4. This figure is sick.

  5. Good review of an interesting figure, Ratchet. I count myself more lucky to have the recent Marvel Legend Abo fig, which is much better than this Marvel Select version – yep, it’s those feet again…WRONG!!! If anyone’s interested, check out Tales To Astonish #90 where Blonsky first turned up; the Abomination is a great design by Gil Kane. I wonder how Jack Kirby woulda designed ‘im???

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