Incredible Hulk Topps Set (2003)

Some of the Byrne cards

This set – released at the same time as the Hulk movie set – is one of my favorite sets!  The images on the cards cover a lot of artists and span the Hulk’s history.  Byrne, Garney, Keown, Kubert and Larsen – and some of the most classic covers are in this set.  A lot of the images from the 70’s Hulk magazine also find their way into this set.  If you don’t have that series – it strarted out as Rampaging Hulk and then turned into the Hulk – you should pick it up, even for the artwork alone!

Some Garney, Kubert and Larsen

This is an impressive base set – but the chase cards are even better!  I really like the 2 chase sets – and one of mine is still incomplete, if you can believe that!  I will talk about that set first.  They are called the Gamma Ray chase cards – and each card has an image of the Hulk behind a shiny green backround.  These are great – the only problem is – they aren’t easy to find!  These is one set on ebay – but all I am missing is #7 – and I can’t find it ANYWHERE!  If anyone has it I would be willing to trade or whatever.

Some of the Gamma Ray Cards

In fact, I have a few extra of the next set right here – the Crystal Clear Hulk set – this has some of the most classic images from the Hulk ever – that encapsulate most of the card – the edges are green brick and other than that it’s see-through.  This was a hard set to complete – I had #1 and #4 – and then found a #2 – I was looking for #3 and #5 for a good price when I was lucky enough to snag an entire set from a international seller for about $5.00!

These are my 2 favorite of the set of 5
The Whole Set

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4 thoughts on “Incredible Hulk Topps Set (2003)

  1. I too have this set and I have number 7 of the foil cards but am missing cards from the rest of the set do you know where I could find more of the main set

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