World War Hulk Marvel Universe Figure ~ Coming Soon!

New Wave of MU figures - WWH and Doc Samson!
A shot of the WWH at NYCC

Here’s a few shots of the new WWH figure coming out – which looks completely bad ass!  There’s also a Doc Samson to keep an eye out for!  These look so great!

They have come a long way with these tiny little figures!

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10 thoughts on “World War Hulk Marvel Universe Figure ~ Coming Soon!

  1. Yeah Ryan this WWH figure rocks!! Its about time they got better sculpts on these litle fella’s. The only thing that sucks is Hasbro seems to have stopped bringing these out to Australia, as usual!!! So it means I’ll have to get screwed on eBay to get one 😦

  2. I was there at the NYCC this past weekend and was surprised by the detail on the WWH fig, it’s a must have. I purchased Marvel legends Valkyrie and Hulk figs. The Hulk fig is a re-painted Rulk body with a new head. Now all we need is Nighthawk and Hellcat left to complete the Defenders. I also picked up some good buys on old 70’s stuff, like MTU, Man-thing, Swamp Thing, She-Hulk, Bring on the bad guys tpb, the secrets of the Hulk tpb and more. This will be my last NYCC because I’m relocating to Florida. Bye, bye Bronx.

    1. Marvel at the NYCC sort of disappointed me. There was that cool figure stand and a few other things but nothing really blew me away.

      Funny story though, as I was snagging up some Nick Fury figures for my buddy’s store a woman came over to the counter and said “Is there gonna be ANY Hulk stuff at all?”

  3. Yeah I was a bit suprised as well. Bendis was there and his little sign thingy was the Avengers cover with Red, but that was about it.

  4. Man I wish I could have been at NYC.

    These figures look great and i really enjoy them more than the MLegends line, especially because they’re so much smaller and take up less space (key for me).

    I could never figure out why, but I have always dug Nighthawk and Gargoyle from the Defenders. They’re just visually so awesome. Why are they never really used?

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