New Hulk TV Show Coming!

Check it out – ABC is updating the old 70’s TV show!  Check it out by clicking on the image above!

10 responses to “New Hulk TV Show Coming!

  1. Very exciting news!

    Fingers crossed that Loeb doesn’t get behind the typewriter on this one. I appreciate what he is doing with developing new projects, but I can do without his version of Hulk.

  2. whoa I just found this out and was about to post the link here1

  3. awesome. can’t wait to see who’ll be portraying Bruce Banner. I bet The Hulk will be produced by cg lol

  4. If the hulk is cgi than this show is doomed for . TV cgi is rather poor to say the least. hulk would either have to be a man in a suit or a body builder/ wrestler with heavy prosthetics and using some sort of forced perspective to make the actor look 8 ft tall.

  5. I just hope he looks better than Doomsday did on Smallville. Because that really disappointed me. I was looking forward to this huge battle and it lasted a minute or so it seemed. I loved Lou Ferrigno as the Hulk back when I was a kid so it wouldn’t bother me if they had a bodybuilder whatever. Hopefully we’ll be able to see the Hulk a lot and he won’t always be hiding in the shadows.

    • how bout Brock Lesnar? he had a small beard last saturday’s fight with Cain Velasquez. to me he looked like the Hulk in #88. d’you think he’d make a decent Hulk? lol

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  7. I want them to first cast a Actor from The Incredible Hulk Movie 2008 and Hes a Better actor and charcter the Lead Role is Edward Norton.

  8. I want Del Toro to ask me who should They do not Reboot. And who to cast for the role.

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