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The Incredible Hulks #614 (2010) – The Review

Incredible Hulks #614

This is one of those issues that needs to be done – but before anything really good actually happens.  In reality, a lot happens in this issue – even if it doesn’t seem that way.  I mean, you’ve got the people of Earth trying to stop the planet of K’ai from coming – mainly with missiles – and Hiro giving a metaphoric roll of the eyes by ripping chunks of rock off the surface of the planet and throwing them at the bombs. 

The Hulk... using the old noggin'

Meanwhile Hulk is busy ripping apart all of the crafts ready to launch into space after Hiro and Co.  Valkyrie, War Mchine, Ant Man, Nova, Beast and the artist formerly known as Captain America are all trying to stop him.  Even when they do – it’s because Hulk let them – and then the Hulk releases his secret weapons… his Hulk Get-Along-Gang.  Everyone attacks – but before they can do too much damage they are threatened with being blasted into The negative zone.  The Hulk lets Banner come out to talk to Steve.

Let the Brawl Begin!

Bruce lets him know that Hiro is the reason K’ai is hurtling toward Earth – and Hiro is his son.  This whole time Skaar is using his Old Power to reactivate the Sakaarian Space craft.  The Hulk group jump onto the ship to meet up with Hiro – the rest of the heroes wait for Steve’s command to blast them into The negative zone – but it doesn’t come.  Steve admits that the Hulks are running the show now…

The Family sets out to greet the long lost son...

The art is a bit stale in this issue – maybe we’ve been getting spoiled with the fantastic art before – but this issue just doesn’t live up to past issues.  There is a small back story contained in this issue that explains why Bruce has let Skaar tag along on what’s going to be a very dangerous mission to stop Hiro – it’s fine but doesn’t add much to the ultimate story going on.  I mean we all know Skaar has the Old Power ability and that he’s pretty ruthless when let loose – so, like I said – this issue is meant as a set up to the whooping to come – and I still can’t wait!  Grade: B-

#614 Variant - not sure why the Red Hulk is on the cover...