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Marvel Heroes – Assortment 2 (2010)

Marvel Heroes - Assortment 2

I’m calling foul!  Damn you Marvel!  I was about to showcase this sets card/sticker when I saw this in Toys R Us today!  Truth be told, I was seeking the Thanos MU figure – turns out many other people are too – but I saw this and became enraged!  See, these figures first came out last year in silver packs.  They came with 5/10 stickers and 1 figure – as far as I can remember.  I had the hardest time finding the Hulk figure until I saw boxes of this set in Target.  I picked up 2 and both came with a Hulk.  All this is fine and good – except that I spent all this time collecting all the stickers and figures only to have Marvel then turn around and package them together in 2 assortments!  They also come with a sticker inside – but I will get into all of this on Monday when I post the sticker set.  But man, am I steamed!


By the way, I will post the review for Hulk #26 tomorrow…