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Hulk #26 (2010) – The Review

Hulk #26

Vampire Variant

I know, I know – I was supposed to post this a while back – give me a break!  Here we go, Parker has a whole lot of fixing to do.  I know this – and I knew this was going to be an issue when he took over the reigns from a writer who seemed like Alzheimer’s set in after he started writing.  This means Red needs to meet up with all of the Marvel Heroes that he beat during Loeb’s tenure and Parker needs to not only explain that Red is on the right side now – but also set things right and make the heroes that SHOULD’VE kicked Red’s ass the first time getting there just desserts.  This i where the problem arises… we just had a showdown with Iron Man – and now, in the very next issue, he has another showdown, but with Thor this time.

Banner - with a verbal bitch slap to Ross 🙂

I felt like the original storyline could have gone at least another full issue.  Instead, Parker completes it in half an issue and onto the next “Scorched Earth” plan to dismantle.  This time it’s a pair of meteors heading toward earth.  Am I getting ahead of myself?  Sorry – let’s try this – Iron Man was not eaten by the people in the last issue – instead Tony got out just in time and remotely uses his machine to fight the people off.  Stark realizes Red is there to help and gives him instructions to the main power source and tells him to destroy it.  Red does what he needs to – and even saves a woman there – but it turns out she is infected too – but Red jumps off before anything is done – which means we will be revisiting that at some point.

Red gets to smash!

When Red rejoins Banner and Rogers – there is Thor – and Thor isn’t happy about seeing Red.  So he beats the hell out of him – but Red doesn’t fight back – he lets Thor know they are on the same side – but Thor lets Red know he doesn’t give a crap and shoves a lightning bolt up his a$$! 

Hulk and Thor go at it!

... and Thor with the knock out!

Banner sends a hologram of Galactus to break the two up – and then Not Cap tells them about the two asteroids and the black hole.  Red and Thor head out and destroy the asteroids – but Red gets a bit too close to the black hole and begins to get sucked in… as told to him by the Watcher.

Red - doing his job!

Like I mentioned before – it would have been nice to let the original storyline develop a bit more but Parker really knows how to end on a cliff hanger!  We’ll see how this pans out – but maybe the Watcher is still holding a grudge over the sucker punch Red landed all those issues ago.  I know he’s just supposed to watch and all – but damn – you don’t let a punk ass get away with smacking you when you’re not looking!  Grade – B