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Hulk Walkie Talkies (2003)

Hulk Walkie Talkie

It’s funny – when these were in the stores I couldn’t find hide or hair (or is it “hide or hare”?) of them.  Almost all of the Marvel Heroes had thier own walkie talkie and all I wanted were the Hulk ones, but like I said, I couldn’t find them anywhere!  So, this past Summer, i was frequenting any Yard Sales I saw and sure enough I saw a sign for a yard sale that said “Comics + More” so of course I stopped in.  The comics were kind of bare – just full of mid 90’s Captain Americas and Spiderman – but there was a whole table full of toys.  The kid at the table saw my shirt – yes, I was wearing a Hulk shirt, – he said he had a Hulk toy.  He took these walkie talkies out and I saw a sheet of Hulk stickers.  “How much?” I asked.

“I don’t know… $3 to $5?

I said to him “$3 TO $5!  You mean I got to pick?”  After I finished joking with him I gave him $5 and walked away with my loot!  I’m glad I finally found these – had them for months now and I haven’t checked if they work yet… man, I hope they work!