The Incredible Hulks #615 (2010) – The Review

The Incredible Hulks #615

I have been seeing the new Hulk/Valkyrie 2-packs on ebay – so I am going nuts trying to find it around here… so far – nothing!  Anyways, I actually am posting the review for the comic on the day I bought it!  Kudos to me!  So, the Marvel Heroes have put their faith in the Hulk to take care of his long lost son  not that the Hulk has given them much of a choice right now…

Hulks = Monsters

They give the Hulk as much info as they have – which is virtually nothing that the Hulk didn’t know already – except that they do see an image of Hiro.  Steve tells the Hulk to make sure he takes care of the situation and if that means “smashing” that means “smashing”.  Hulk doesn’t want to think about that scenario – in fact, it angers him.  He turns to his new family – his team of “Hulks” – and tells them that Hiro is also a Hulk but Skaar interjects.  He says the real problem is that Hiro IS a monster. Hiro is full of hate.  Hulk silences Skaar and tells everyone to get out.

With an hour till touchdown Skaar takes Betty and Korg with him into the shadowforge.  He tells them that he is separating them from the “humans”.  Betty argues that she is in fact a human – and even Korg agrees that Betty would do what needs to be done is need be.  That’s why she’s with them.  The Hulk stares at the image of Hiro and a Banner simulator comes to tell the Hulk it’s time to let him out.  Hulk doesn’t want to – but finally agrees.  Banner gave everyone their assignments for when they reach K’ai.

Knocking would be a whole lot more polite Jen...

First up:  To destroy all of the ships leading the planet.  As the Hulks do that they realize there are people in the ships – Bruce thought that they were empty.  He was wrong.  After that they regroup – K’ai is still heading toward Earth.  Bruce sends Betty and She Hulk after the power source – he sends Skaar, Korg and Rick to the other side of K’ai where there is a volcanic area – he wants Skaar to use the old power to send K’ai off trajectory and save the Earth.  Skaar refuses to go – he wants to go with Bruce to meet up with Hiro.

Bruce sends Skaar with Korg and Rick anyways – much to the chagrin of Skaar.  Betty and She Hulk find the power source – only, it’s pretty scary.  Bruce lands on K’ai and is met with hostile, armed natives.  Bruce takes them out only to have the children attack.  Bruce fights back but Hiro comes with his old power and destroys the children.  Bruce is face to face with Hiro… Bruce tells him that he is Hiro’s father.  Hiro isn’t so sure – and then Bruce Hulks out.

Father and Son... who's going the throw the first punch?

So – the battle is coming – and I am excited about it.  Not as much as I thought I would be.  Maybe it’s the artwork – I’m not all that jazzed about Bary Kitson’s stuff.  The Hulk family so far is still interesting – but I am already waiting to see the Hulk back to his solo adventures.  The pacing of this story isn’t as quick as I would like it to be but I am still waiting to see how this pans out.  Grade: B

The back up story is about the Red She Hulk first meeting up with the Punisher.  Not too shabby.  There is no variant for this issue. 😦

6 responses to “The Incredible Hulks #615 (2010) – The Review

  1. Theres also a 2nd printing of IH # 612 that came out this week,if you collect those.

  2. I agree with you on the art work, it’s not wowing me either. On the other hand I am looking foward to this confrontation. On the Avengers#6- I don’t buy that laser beam to the Hulks head b/s. Update on Valkyrie info: The Val from ish#615 is a new Val with little memory of Hulk because it’s a new person named Valerie (last name unknown). She gets the power when she dies, after Thor brings back to life the Asgardians from Ragnarok which takes place before Secret Invasion event as seen in Valkyrie one-shot.

  3. yeah the art is pretty blah.

  4. Hey Ratchet- the Hulk Valkyrie 2 packs are on as of today. Ordered mine this AM

  5. Art is better than last issue. Still hate all these Hulks. Banner apologizing as he is slicing greenies to bits. Gonna come down to Skarr taking down Hiro, as it Looks like Hulk get’s used next issue. I have issues with Marvel!

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