Talking about Rare Hulk stuff…

Not sure if this auction is worth it or not – click on the pic and make up your own mind – but the upcoming November will be my Ultra Rare month!  I have some really sweet Hulk pieces to show off and I’ve chosen November to do it!  So – I think I will be posting Mon-Thurs.  At least that’s the plan.  If you’ve followed this blog long enough then you realize I just kind of do what I want – but I am going to try to stick to this schedule!  Who wants to make bets I can’t even make it through November?  Alright – Happy Hulkyween!  Here’s a shot of my daughter in her home made Wonder Woman costume:

2 responses to “Talking about Rare Hulk stuff…

  1. Lex looks so cute!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks Fiddy – loved your costume as well – you make the perfect Tiger! I’ve heard he all about the breasts too!

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