Daily Archives: November 1, 2010

Mego Palitoy Hulk (1978)

Palitoy Mego Hulk

Hulk on the side

Kicking off the Ultra-Rare month – this Mego figure!  If you look at te Mego Museum website there are quite a few different backing cards the figures came on.  One of the more rare cards is this one called the Palitoy card.  This is a lot better than the regular Mego card – I mean, just look at it!  How freakin’ fantastic is this!  There is even a better transformation illustration on the back!  While you often see the 1979 carded figure – this is the one to pick up – it may be slightly pricier but it’s worth it! 

Back of the card!

This unpunched carded figure is now is a case, displayed proudly with the other Mego figures I have.  There is a figure just like this one on ebay right now – if you want to go for it – you totally should!  One of my favorite things about vintage items is how great they look.  Of course the figure is still the same – but that’s the great thing about the mint in package or mint on card figures.  They have a totally different look!  A more impressive look.  I am hoping to one day have the super rare Mego card but for now I am happy with what I have.

Megos on Parade! Both of my carded Megos!