The Incredible Hulk #75 Page #28 (2004)

Incredible Hulk #75 Pg. 28

I have a quest – one that I may never achieve, but I am a patient person, so I’ve got that on my side.  My quest is to collect at least one piece of art from EVERY Hulk artist.  Now, I would like to try to collect an original page from every Hulk artist – but I would be happy with just any art – as long as the Hulk is in it.  For example, I don’t have a page from Hulk: Gray by Tim Sale – but I do have a fantastic commission from him that absolutely rocks in every way possible!  So, if I never get an actual page, I’ll be happy with the art I have.

Don't. Look. Behind. YOU!!!!!!

Here’s the thing though… I LOVE original pages!  Darrick Robertson is an amazing artist who had this page on ebay for a while.  I labored over whether to get it or not – I would have liked more Hulk on it – but the large image in the middle solidified my position and I bought it.  His wife, who is the one selling the art on ebay, asked if I wanted it signed as well… and I said yes.

And... the Sig!

See, I have a definite position about autographs.  Signing an original piece of art (by the artist) is a must but, for me, signing a published comic – especially a really old issue or a #1 issue – is like vandalizing a comic.  You know how some people feel like a date stamp is a defect?  Well, that’s how I feel about signatures.  They are defacing a comic.  That isn’t to say I don’t HAVE Hulk issues signed – I know, I am an enigma, I hate signatures yet I do have signed comics.  That gives me an idea – I should do a “Week of Signed Comics” for you all…  Anyways – I will be back tomorrow.

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11 thoughts on “The Incredible Hulk #75 Page #28 (2004)

    1. Crap – you’re right Zeno – I looked it up on the Hulk Library and the issue said Sept 1999 – but that has to be a typo – I think the issue came out in 2004 come to think of it…

      Thanks for being on top of this!

      1. More info about the data,Ratchet. I believe 75 was the next to last issue in Bruce Jones run. As for the Hulk library,they start with the year the volume itself came out. Before I knew where you got the date,I guessed that was why it said 1999. They rebooted it to issue 1 that year as you know.

      2. It says 1999 because it’s a mistake – plain and simple – it’s only issue 75 & 76 that has that mistake. All the other issues are fine. Oddly enough… Some things you don’t have to over-think – they are just accidents or oversights. 🙂

  1. nice page Ratch. I too have had an eye on this for a while but never pulled the trigger. Glad it went to a gammabro. Were you able to get the price down any? Nice score!

    1. Every offer I made was automatically turned down. I emailed the seller and asked about getting a break on the price. Thankfully we came up with a deal we were both happy with!

      1. Yeah – I was pretty happy with it! Still hven’t posted this – or the other 3 pages I got on SF yet…

        I’ll have to get on that!

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