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Pankey’s Hulk Kit (2008)

Hulk Kit

Side View 1 - Hulk intimidating the mailbox!

I don’t go gaga over a lot of Hulk kits – but there are a few that I like.  I remember when this came out and Pankey over at the SF contacted me about it – but I just couldn’t pay what he was asking… but that was mainly due to the shipping over seas.  This kit is perfect to display higher – as the figure itself leans forward – but it’s also the kind of kit you want to see all of it!

Close Up 1

Hulk looking down! When you see this look it's time to stop pissing him off!

So, you may ask, how did I ge such a kit if not from the one who produced it?  Well, ebay of course!  I’m telling you – I know a lot of people are down on ebay recently but I am psyched it’s still around.  There is no other place on the net that will offer more and give you such an array of prices on pieces.  There are people on there trying to sell action figures from the 90s, calling them vintage, and asking a premium price – but then you will also find the people on ebay who are just listing things for extra cash and people trying to get rid of stuff.  That’s where you’ll find the deals!  And remember my #1 rule: Be Patient!

The Foot Shot!

The anatomy of this kit is interesting.  The Hulk has SO MANY bulging muscles I have to admit when I first looked it over in pictures I thought it looked a bit silly.  In person though, it looks pretty damn sweet!  Do you remember the ending of Gremlins?  Where Spike’s back started to bubble and little Gremlins were going to pop out?  It does remind me a bit of that – but I still think the kit is worth every penny spent on it!

Turned the other way

You've seen the end of Gremlins, right?