Which Green is the Best? Most Accurate?

I have to ask here – this is something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while – my sister was down in the Hulk Room the other day and commented on the fact that almost every Hulk statue out there is a different color green.  I looked and agreed and thought it was a bit funny.  So – here’s the question – which statue do you think has the best color green for the Hulk?

Bowen 2007:


Hard Hero:

Diamond Select:

Bowen 2010:

SS Dio:

Vote Below!  I will tell you my thoughts next week after I people have had a chance to vote.

26 responses to “Which Green is the Best? Most Accurate?

  1. Off-Topic but have you gotten all of the Handful of Heroes variants?

    • Are you asking because of the new header? LOL!

      Actually, yes, I do have them all – I will post something about them next week!

  2. Definitely, Sideshow.

  3. I’ll have to say that after reading and drawing him since 1973, Hulk should be a light green or bright green. Look at the comics carefully and you’ll see that this is true. I believe that the first Hulk film was model after this color, but people wine to much that he look like Shirek and did’nt look realistic. Imo if it aint broken don’t fix it. Hulk has been around longer than the people that think he should be a certin way. That is why I’m NOT crazy about the Hulk tv show in the works. This version might be a water down version and then writers and the public will start thinking he’s that way when he’s NOT. Back in the 70’s show Hulk was weak, so the comics started showing him that way.

    • You know now that I think about it, one prime example of this is DC special series# 27. Batman is fighting the TV Hulk not the Marvel comics version. That Hulk seem weak like the TV version. If that was the Marvel version Batman’s leg should’ve broken, hey bombs and bullets can’t get through so how a kick going to, LOL?

  4. I have to say Sideshow, definetly. Although I’d choose a color that was slightly grayer if I could.
    I like the color they chose for the movie, I just wish it was slightly brighter.

  5. People are crazy

    KOTO has the best green lol

    • Koto – in my opinion is…

      Crap! I forgot – I will tell you guys next week…

      • Hey Ratch, that crap is just waaaay to funny, lol. Just so you know I picked Bowen 2007 or 2010 and yes people are crazy, ha!

      • Bowen can’t even make up his mind on which green to use. I wouldn’t be surprised if his hulk was purple in another 3 years LOL
        Koto is on point lol

      • Actually – Bowen usually asks the fans which Green they think the Hulk should be – so if you don’t like the color you have to blame the masses…

      • I was just joking -___- lol

  6. Question: I was looking through a comic book database, and I noticed a “kraft” variant for the 1st issue of nightmerica. Have you heard of/seen/own a copy of this variant? I can’t seem to find it for sale anywhere.

    • I do own it – I will post it if you’d like… probably next week.

      • If you have something better planned, don’t worry about it but thanks. I don’t think i remember seeing it listed as a variant on your comics page which is why I asked lol. I decided to look again last night online for it(I had looked for a few months at the beginning of the year) and I found someone who had listed it on ebay a few times in the past 3 months to no avail, got an email from him this morning hes gonna relist it by Dec, I’m normally not a patient person, but sometimes you have to be right?

      • It’s the Ross variant you’re talking about, right? Is there another? What does it look like?

      • http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rt=nc&nma=true&item=330482555408&si=8wOuiNpACXwGZm%252F%252FfXksSugZk88%253D&viewitem=

        this is the auction i found, I already contacted the guy. This was a variant I believe from sending in upc’s from kraft items or something like that.

      • Wow! Good find! I can’t find this on the web anywhere else! So – it’s just the #1 but has KRAFT on the bottom as well as aNOT FOR RESALE where the UPC code normally goes. If you’re going for it then I won’t – but damn… didn’t even know this existed.

      • and no, I have the Ross variant, thats the Wizard World one right? I got that awhile ago. This one has a “not for resale” stamp on the bottom left and the “kraft” food logo on the bottom right and has the same art as the original Nightmerica #1. I believe you had to send in a few UPC’s from kraft products and they would send you this copy. I found a guy in Canada who’s selling it on ebay like I said, just need to wait for him to relist it

      • oh wow, the link was just delayed in posting hah, but yea, I’m glad i could at least bring it to your attention 🙂

      • The link wasn’t delayed – I had to save it from the spam folder. Thanks again! I will be adding that one to the list!

      • no prob 🙂 hey, thats what this blog’s for right? hulky information!

  7. That new Hulk kit you got, might be the best out of them all.

  8. hey Ratch -how are you? I’m really glad that you brought up the green color “confussion” I always preferred the brigther green like Bowen’s 2010 statue and from Hasbro’s Fin Fang Foom BAF series-the Green Hulk variant,but then look at the WWH Hulk figure from that set -it’s a darker green . I just picked-up Hasbro’s Marvel Legends 2-pack Valkyrie/Hulk and the Hulk is a dark green so Hasbro doesn’t seem to know which color to stick with.I also thought that Ang Lee’s lighter Hulk green color was a lot more dynamic looking on the screen,whereas Louis Leterrier’s version was a bit to dark (to grayish-green) well that’s just my opinion I’m sure that a lot of people like the darker version better-also did you order SideShow’s HULK Comiquette back in July?-just got notified that it will be shipping within 20 -30 days, take care-Mike…might see you at ZAPP next week!

  9. phineas curmudgeon

    hey bud,
    I’d havta say that..for me personally, it’s either the Bowen 2010 or the DS version. I’ve just never much cared for the darker greens misself and i’d prefer that they be saved for the hair and shading embellishments anyway.
    excellent topic btw!


  10. Green as depicted by Pelletier and co. in Hulk # 611. radiating gamma. No more red hulk, he sucks. Green Scar already established the Hulk as a military battle champion. That co
    ol character has been lost for some inane marketing ploy. Should have made WWHulk go super red, but no. What a waste.

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