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Handful of Heroes – the Update! (2010)

HOH #1

I know this doesn’t really go along with my Ultra-Rare month – but people have asked so… I’ve found the rest of these Hulk figues – and all of the variants.  I am psyched Marvel released these – because we have so many freakin’ Hulks!  Hulk’s they would never make action figures out of!  Dark Hulk? Awesome!  I am not so sure a Wave 3 will be released, and even if it is I am not sure what other Hulks they could possible put out.  There is a Grey Hulk, Mr Fixit, 1st Hulk… I’d be up for a Doc Samson, a Valkyrie, Speedfreak and Aquon!  Or maybe a Wendigo figure… I am still psyched they released the Bi-Beast!

HOH #2

Now, the variants you are looking for – in the villains – is clear orange, clear orange with glitter and solid orange.  The Maestro, Hulk as War, World War Hulk 2 and Dark Hulk are colored solid green, solid black and solid black with glitter.  The Smart Hulk, Mindless Hulk, Hulk and All Ages Hulk are solid green, clear green and clear green with glitter. 

The Whole Shebang!

Is there anyone else collecting these?  I know people I have talked to are having a hard time finding them – but I was wondering if anyone who visits the blog collects these as well – and how is the search going?  A special thank you to Gammapup who sent me some of these Hulk figures – that was totally freakin’ cool of you bro!