Hulk Prototype (1996)

Hulk Prototype

This insanley cool piece is a prototype of a Hulk figure that was supposed to come out in the 1996 era of Hulk toys.  You can pump his head and then press the buttons on his back and each button controls a different part.  This sweet-ass piece also comes with a little nerf gun – the Hulk can shoot his way out any jam!  Wait a cotton pickin’ minute – the Hulk doesn’t need a gun!

Love the Look of this Hulk face!

One of the best parts about this prototype toy is the Hulk Head mold.  But you can take the head and pump it up and down – then press one of the 4 buttons on his back to either flex his muscles, raise his arms, or shoot the gun.  Steve from the best website ever tried to get a hold of Toy Biz and ask them about this piece for me. As of yet though – we haven’t heard anything.

The 4 buttons on Hulk's back

Prototypes are an interesting collectibles, mainly because they are one of the rarest things you can collect.  I’m only interested in unreleased prototypes.  A little while back person emailed me asking if I had interest in buying some prototypes.  He showed me 2 unreleased piece including a Wolverine vs Hulk diorama and an animated Hulk figure (both made my mouth drool!).  He also showed me the prototypes of the Hulk Icon figures and a few Hulk prototype movie figures.  He said he was willing to sell some pieces.

The Pump is in the Hulk's neck

ET Phone Home!

I asked about prices and he said sent me back prices like $600 for the Hulk Icon prototype… each.  I can’t see paying that much for figures that I already have – they are just made out of different material = and most of the time they are put together a little worse since they aren’t meant for release – just to showcase the figure to the Marvel big-wigs!  He then ended the email by saying he wasn’t looking to sell the unreleased pieces…

The Rare Hulk Prototype!

That’s where things ended with this seller – since that’s what I wanted – and the ONLY thing I wanted.  So, when I saw this piece on ebay (alright, Steve, from the best website, told me about the auction) I had to bid – the price was right and I scooped up an amazingly rare Hulk piece!

2 responses to “Hulk Prototype (1996)

  1. Absolutely freaking amazing Ratch, congrats on the win, that’s truly a valuable piece! 😀

  2. Was wondering where this piece ended up at. You got him before I could. Great piece. Would have loved to have him in my collection. I don’t have many hulk prototypes. Only the resin famous covers, the new avengers 4 pack hulk, and a couple of odd other odd little pieces. Love the protos.

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