Daily Archives: November 11, 2010

Which Green Do I Think is the Most Accurate?

I have to say – the Hulk has been many shades og green in the comic – and that blames lies with Marvel only.  I think they should pick one color green and stick with it.  But no one can deny that the majority of the time the Hulk has a lighter, almost yellow/green.  That being said – The 2007 Bowen had a fantastic shade of green that I loved!  Until… the 2010 Hulk was released.  Bowen colored this new Retro Hulk slightly darker – and it fit the bill perfectly!  For me it is the 2010 Bowen that takes the cake!  Which is nice – seeing as that’s the one that won the poll too!

New No-Prize Opportunity!

Mini-Mates Galore!

Alright guys – I will post my thoughts on last week’s poll a little later – as well as the review fo TIHs 616 – but first!  A No-Prize opportunity!  This one might be tricky… unless you just cheat and look it up on the Internet of course… How many Bruce / Hulk mini-mates are there in the pic above AND name them!

And for an extra bonus:  Name all of the Hulk related characters in the pic above?  Need to see a larger version?  Click on the pic.