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BD’s Smackdown Hulk (Grey Version)(2007)

Bowen Grey "Smashing" Hulk

A Face of RAGE, Baby!

I wasn’t as interested in picking this one up as I was the green version – I mean, the green is just too beautiful!  They grey is nice too, it’s just that, this sculpt is absolutely perfect in green!  It practically has popped right out of the pages of the comics!  This isn’t to say the grey is not worth getting…

If the Hulk were real and you're looking at this face... it's already too late

The Foot!

In fact, I love this sculpt so much, I would even get it in red!  I know, crazy, right?  But this is Bowen’s best Hulk statue – even better than any of the Hulk’s released in 2010!  I like those Hulks, the sculpt is great, but the smackdown Hulk is just the Hulk to a tee!  Now the grey variant was limited to only 500 – making it Bowen’s rarest Hulk statue – besides the faux bronze (350) and the real bronze(100).

Uh-Oh - Stark's in Trouble!

You don't have a chance Stark!

The only Bowen Hulk statues I am missing are the ones mentioned above and the green version of the 2003 statue.  I’ve seen that one go for pretty cheap on ebay and will eventually get it – but for now I have a very special Hulk purchase to make.  One that I know Sean is snatching up as well.  I am sure JG and even Steve are picking it up as well.  When I finally post it you will see what I am talking about – it’s gorgeous!

"And your back! It's worse then your front!"

Anyways – back to this statue – I picked this one up from another poster on Statue Marvels.  If you haven’t checked out that forum, you should!  It’s a great place to see all the upcoming Bowen sculpts as well as interact with Bowen himself!