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The New Look…

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So, WordPress has retired my old theme.  I am a bit bummed too because I thought it was the perfect theme for this blog’s… theme.  It was simplistic, yet eye catching.  It made you focus more on the blogs and gave me plenty of widgets on the sides that allowed me to give all of you guys plenty of links to keep you busy for hours!  Iam not all that crazy about the new theme – but oh well – it’s close to what the other theme was and I get to keep my links and such… so not really complaining – just explaining.

Hallmark Hulk/Wolverine Ornament (2010)

2010 #181 Hulk Hallmark Ornament

The 3-D portion of the ornament!

The new set of Hallmark ornaments have hit the stores – I first saw them back in early October – and I was going to wait to display it but then I thought better.  I figures if people didn’t know about this then showcasing it now would be for the best.  It’s actually an amazing little ornament – I mean it even opens up to display part of the story from #181!

Comic comes to life!

The battle rages on!

It is inevitable that this issue will forever be remembered – I mean, in the pages of the Hulk they introduced one of the most popular characters of all time!  And not to mention Wolverine too!  Ha!  See what I did there?  The best part of this story is that Wolverine comes to take down two enormous beasts – and doesn’t do much… yet he still becomes this wildly popular character!

And... the Wolverine Falls!

Even these days, even after Logan has survived beheadings, being at ground zero of a nuclear explosion, being eaten alive… he still has a hard time facing the Hulk.  In fact, if you go to the great site Leader’s Lair he chronicles each of their fights.  Amazingly, even the 1 win Wolverine has is not so much due to Logan himself.

Here's Logan!

So, the best part of this ornament is the 3-D style they made the cover in.  Wolvie’s claws are poking out of the cover as Hulk’s arm is jutting out after swiping at him!

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