Hulk #27 (2010) – The Review

Hulk #27

So, we have the Red Hulk series which has improved a lot since Parker took over – but the sales are in a steep decline.  What does that tell us?  People like flash over substance.  It’s too bad – it’s like people wanted to be treated like idiots.  Pandered to like a group os 5th graders. (Just to let you know – The Incredible Hulks are also bleeding readers like it’s going out of style)

Here comes Thor to save the day!

Now, let’s get to this issue.  Red’s about to be sucked into a black hole.  And the Watcher is there and can do nothing but watch Red get sucked into it.  For some reason as Red does get sucked into the black hole he screams out his own name.  I kid you not – he yells out “Ross!”  I wonder if he does the same thing during sex?  Red remembers his past – way back – but just as he reaches the black hole Thor comes out of nowhere and saves him.  Back on Earth Banner wonders where the back hole came from.  He wonders if it was the Watcher’s way at getting back at Red for striking him.  Then Thor has the best line ever:

Madness Indeed...

Ross, back at the secret base, wonders when he can see Betty.  Banner tells him that it’s not totally up to him.  Ross’s face drops – realizing that it is Betty who doesn’t want to see him.  He asks when the next “Scorched Earth” plan was going to happen and when he can get back out there.  Sure enough it wasn’t too long…

The threat is... a huge eel?

Steve and Red head down under the sea, deep, into Namor’s territory.  They tell the ruler what is happening and he is ready to jump into action.  See, two forces are ready to collide – I can’t remember exactly – I am doing this from memory – but a water source and a heat source are about to meet and that’s bad news.  Namor says he will handle the water threat – that turns out to be a huge eel powered by sound.  Namor tries to destroy it but to no avail… Red gives him a way to destroy the eel – go inside and get the power source.  Namor fails.

Red to the rescue!

Red comes out of nowhere and snags it instead – just as the heat is coming out of the sea walls!  Red stops the lava seeping out as well.  His thank you?  Namor striking him as hard as he can ready to kill him for conspiring with Leader and MODOK to destroy the world. Dun Dun Duuuuuuhhhhhhn!

Namor's a little mad...

This is truly a fun series now – something even better is that Parker seems to throw Loeb’s ridiculous events back in his face.  I did like this issue better than the last – I said the last seemed a bit too rushed.  This issue was an improvement and I love me a good Namor fight!  Grade: B

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8 thoughts on “Hulk #27 (2010) – The Review

  1. Observation:
    As much as I am enjoying the current run on Hulk (superior in Loeb’s run in structure), I am finding that it sits, waiting to be read for quite a while – where previously I’d pick it up first. The Incredible Hulks, even more so. This is coming from a life-long Hulk fan (started collecting Hulk in 1975!). Not sure what to make of it, but I’d have to say that the ‘punch’ of McGuinness art (and Pellitier on Incredible) may have more of an affect than previously thought. If I’m not alone in this, it may speak to the declining sales. What do you think?

    1. I think the art was one of the only reasons that the Loeb issues sold. And I found the same thing – just not all that excited to read these issues lately…

  2. Speaking as a fan of the Red Hulk, I can give you my opinion why sales are down. Starts and ends with 1 word:


    Hardman might be a good artist on another book, but his style just doesn’t work well with the Red Hulk. Following Ed Mcguinness is a tall order, but Hardman’s sketchy, sharp angled style isn’t doing it for me. He doesn’t do good splash pages, his faces and physiques are just…rough. Coloring is washed out and wimpy too.

    If the Loeb Hulk comics “treated people like idiots”, at least the art was top notch. With McGuinness, there were usually one or two eye-popping splash pages per issue that were worth seeing.

    I’m not so sure Jeff Parker is all that much better a writer than Loeb anyway. This current storyline is pretty pot-boiler fare itself. I will let it play out a few more issues before I’m too hard on it though.

    Thanks for the blog. Keep it up.

    1. I do agree with you that the art is making the sales suffer. Although I think Parker is heads and tails above Loeb as a writer…

  3. After giving this some more thought, I’ve come up with another reason BOTH books are loosing my interest: the villain. In THE HULK (the Red Hulk is a great character IMHO), the latest issues have been about the plans the Leader has put into place and dealing with those threats. The story is well done, but simply is not as compelling as dealing with The Leader or Modok themselves. It’s missing the antagonist. For the Incredible Hulks, Hiro is not that interesting of a character (no matter how hard the writers try) and his threat is difficult to relate to. While there have been some interesting character moments, the overall arc is a bit dry. Banner’s dealing with Skaar is far more interesting. So, along with the art of McGuinness and Pelletier, the greatest draw in the past year just may have been the Leader, Modok and the Intelligencia. What more can I say: “Bring on the Bad Guys!”

    1. I knew the Red Hulk was going to eventually turned into a “hero” – and the character could have been a great villian for the MU to deal with – until Loeb ruined him with outrageous powers that changed issue to issue. He made the guy WAY too powerful way too quickly. Then he had to back peddle to try to make the Red Hulk more of a realistic character for he heroes to deal with.

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