Hulk Bobblehead (2003)

Hulk Bobblehead

So – apparently the header on the blog has made a little ripple with one particular Hulk fan.  The one and only Sean Anderson.  If you remember, Sean is an amazing customizer who has shown his amazing work on this site over and over!  He asked about the body of what looks like a Hulk statue above… well, sadly, it is not a statue – and even worse – they put a big goofy head on it!  But I had the same reaction that Sean did when I took this out of the box.  I thought the body was fantastic – but why did they waste the sculpt for a bobblehead!?!

It is a heavy, heavy piece – but all the same – it’s a freakin’ bobblehead!  This was scored on a trip to a comic shop where I walked into the shop and the person behind me walked in with a box full of stuff to sell – this was in the box.  I offered the guy $5 for it before he even had a chance to talk to the owner of the store – and I snagged it!  Sorry if this dissapoints you Sean! 

Hey you guys!

8 responses to “Hulk Bobblehead (2003)

  1. I had the same reaction when I saw the sculpt ! When I first saw the header
    I thought it was some Hulk statue I didn’t know existed.

  2. Hahahahaha you prick!!! You have kept me guessing for days now!!! I thought it was a custom statue! I have the normal headed bobble head, I knew that body looked familiar!

  3. Dang it! I have this and still didn’t recognize it! Drats! Ratchet, you have foiled me again!

    • All in a days work, my friend… all in a days work

    • Hey green brother what’s up? Did you complete your home yet? I purchased mine a coupla months back at a very good price and I’m happy to say that I’m a Floridian now (sorry but the Bronx sucks, too many A-holes there). It’s good to see you on Ratchet’s site. It sucks that I can’t read your words of wisdom on HSC. Anywho, I hope that ALL goes well with you and your home.

  4. Hey 465! Sorry I’m so late in replying–I just now saw this! Ratchet even reminded me to check and I STILL forgot! Anyway, I’m doing well and I’m SO HAPPY to hear you’re in WARMER pastures! 😉 Good for you; I’m thrilled! I just passed the one-year anniversary of being in my first home a few months ago! I was able to put 9-foot ceilings in the basement so I could fit my life-size Hulk down there! Life is good. 🙂 Great hearing from you!

  5. wow the bobblehead like a grean apple. why not do Custom bobblehead dolls
    like a real people

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