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A Review by Zeno


I should have posted this WAY earlier – but I forgot – call it a brain fart or whatever – but there is a damn great review by one of my favorite issues of What If? reviewed by site visitor Zeno – originally posted on Daily Pop’s site!

Hulk Laser Sculpture (1997)

1997 Hulk Sculpture

Lasermatch made this Keown inspired sculpted piece of metal.  They made it for Marvel’s 35th anniversary in 1997.  I actually didn’t pick this up in 1997 – instead I waited.  And the wait was worth it – I picked this up for $10 on ebay.  Retail for this back then?  It was either $39.99 or $49.99 – either way – glad I picked it up on ebay years later!

I see the Keown influence - do you?

I think this is a unique piece – maybe not all that rare – but certainly something that grabs your attention when you walk into the Hulk room.  Even with all of the Hulk in there – this piece stands out.  I just saw the FF one they did – I am thinking about picking this one up because it’s just so incredible!  Galactus vs the FF – it doesn’t get much better than that!  Well, except for Hulk, of course!