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Incredible Hulk #108 Pg #7 (2007)

Leonard Kirk's beautiful art!

Here’s a funny thing – and tell me if you agree or not – they catagorize a half splash page as a panel that takes up at least half the page width wise – but not length wise.  That’s what you have here – but I disagree – this looks to me like a half splash! Not that I am complaining, you see, because I snagged this page for a panel page price!  And take a look at it!  How perfect of a page can you get?  One side is Planet Hulk in full warrior mode, the other side is the classic Hulk leaping through the air with a young Rick Jones holding on tight!

The new and the old!  Together on the same page!  This page was drawn by the fantastic Leonard Kirk – in my quest to try and collect all of the artists who have drawn the Hulk is not only just getting a page from the artist – but it’s getting the best page for your money!  And this in one of those instances – this is certainly one of the best pages offered from Kirk – for an excellent price AND portraying a great scene!

Planet Hulk and Savage Hulk!