The Incredible Hulks #617 (2010) – The Review

Incredible Hulks #617
Oh Betty - you are so wise!

Pak has done some wonderful storytelling with the Hulk.  He gave us Planet Hulk.  He even made me warm up to Skaar.  But he was always pushing it with Hiro – and here is the final arc – the final showdown with the murderous villain known as Hiro: Other The Lesser Known and even Less Accepted Son of Hulk.  When we last left Hiro and Hulk, Skaar had just re-materialized after being blown up – ready to take Hiro down.

K’ai is dangerously close to the Earth – ready to collide any moment – and Skaar and Hiro are just trading Old Power blast blows.  Bruce is trying to save any of the innocents still around by teleporting them out of harm’s way – but he only sees thousands of K’ai people throwing themselves into the liquid magma of K’ai’s core.  Hiro thinks this is destiny, what the Old Power brings out in people.  Bruce sees the power of Worldmind and he gets to work in healing the people of K’ai.

Skaar shows Hiro how their mother showed love...

Skaar’s battle with this brother is FAR from over and they continue to trade blows.  Skaar grabs a hold of Hiro and shows him the past actions of thier mother.  When Caiera banished Skaar off of Sakaar.  He tells Hiro that he has changed – and that Hiro can do the same.  Banner saves the people of K’ai with the Worldmind’s help.  Bruce is teleported back to Hiro and Skaar where it’s Hiro’s turn to show what his past was like.  But as he shows them he hears none o the words his mother once said to him.  And for a good reason.  It was all a dream.  A lie that he convinced himself of so that he could live with what he has done.  Hiro freaks out but this time Skaar seals him inside of a rock cocoon.

Hiro accepts his fate...

K’ai is so close to the Earth that there is only seconds to react when Bruce notices.  They release a blast that turns K’ai off of it’s course and it narrowly misses the Earth.  As Banner looks to Hiro again, looking to get him home, the Worldmind tells him that he will stay on K’ai – to try and heal the planet again.  The stoneship takes the Hulk family back to Earth.  On the way back Betty rushes to Hulk to congratulate him on saving everyone.  Hulk looks back and says “Everyone?” and lashes out at Betty, screaming in her face.  She Hulk tries to console her – but Betty Hulks out and says “Some people are meant to be alone.”

Hulk - are you really still whining?

This is a touching way to end the storyline.  Bruce and his “family” wins – but not really as Bruce had to leave his other son behind.  The arc resonates with classic Hulk tales and you have the sweet with the sour – the only real lacking thing is – well, Hiro.  Hiro was such an uninteresting character.  We saw him help destroy world after world and learn about his father and even enslave an entire planet to carry out his plans of destruction – yet it still was hard to connect with him.  I wanted to hate the character – but all I was left with was boredom.  Like I said – it ended almost perfectly – I just could have cared less about Hiro.  Grade: B-

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4 thoughts on “The Incredible Hulks #617 (2010) – The Review

  1. I never really found Hiro that interesting either. Pak did wonders for Skaar
    when he had Banner train him to take down the Hulk but it would have taken a
    miracle to make Hiro interesting.

  2. Yeah its bad enough we got 2 kids running about. Only one of which they are doing anything with. Skarr is kinda interesting but Hiro just always seemed forced. Skaar almost has a Shazam quality to him seeing as how he’s a young kid who becomes this powerful being but the writers seemed confused on how to protray him . When he’s in child form he’s a typical kid but when he Hulk’s out he becomes a carbon copy of the Hulk. If he was raised on a barbarian planet, abandoned by his parents and had to fight to survive on a daily basis he should pissed off and bitter in any form he takes . He’s not Banner and does not suffer from MPD. Skaar should be protrayed as a pissed off kid who is capable of great destruction trying to trying adapt to a semi normal life.

    1. Although, he (kid) does hate how he (Hulked out Skaar) murders people. I think sometimes that he’s inherited a mild strain of MPD, although they could call it Hulk Disorder or syndrome since it physically manifests. :/

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