Tom’s Collection Day 1

A special week of posts for you- featuring the amazing collection of Tom.  This week you will see some of the most beautiful pieces – mostly Hulk – but other pieces that make me drool just the same!  Let’s start with his best piece ever! 
The Incredible Hulk #165

This is how Tom and I came in contact – because of this cover – he is the owner and I am just a lowly admirer… but here are Tom’s words about the piece:

Hulk #165 Cover: I’d been looking for a Trimpe Hulk cover for about five years, with little success when this one came up to auction. I was really after either Hulk # 163, #167 or Hulk #172, but when I couldn’t find those and prices started to skyrocket I decided I would grab whatever cover I could find before they priced out of my range. I was looking specifically for a cover during what I consider Trimpe’s best cover span (#163-187) and this one fit the bill. The art work is terrific and the piece is in excellent condition for a cover from that era. I only wish it came from a more memorable story arc ( the somewhat forgettable Captain Omen issues) and had a first rate villain, (sorry Aquon fans), but those points aside, it’s still a great piece.

Isn’t it amazing?  Ironic really… the one guy who has the one piece I would kill for isn’t even a fan of Aquon… man, that burns!  But I digress… Tom has a whole slew of great Hulk pages – and a whole lot more – here is another “grail” worthy piece!

Trimpe Hulk Splash!

 Hulk #173 Splash: This is my favorite Trimpe piece. I was about eight when I purchased my copy of Hulk #173 at a flea market where a guy was selling comics without covers for a dime. So, for a long time this image WAS the cover of Hulk 173 to me. Even years later after I bought a crisp version with a cover, this image still seemed more like the real cover to me. It’s classic Trimpe, the Hulk surrounded by police, trashing a city (San Diego where I lived for ten years) and Trimpe inks to boot!! I can’t think of a splash in Trimpe’s entire run I would rather own.

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