Daily Archives: December 7, 2010

Tom’s Collection – Day 2

Here is a few more pieces from Tom’s collection – these are his picks to showcase on this site – it has a Hulk page, but it’s also starting to show some of his other amazing pieces!  First up though, more Hulky goodness!

Hulk #172 Panel Page

Hulk #172 page 17: What’s not to love? Not only is this a great action page from my favorite Trimpe/Abel Hulk issue of their entire run, but I got this page for a song off Ebay. Ahhhh…remember those day when you actually find a bargin on Ebay?

Oh boy do I!  I remember actually getting deals on ebay – those days are few and far between now though… sadly… Now up?  Kirby – that’s right – freakin’ Kirby!

The Master on FF - doesn't get any better!

FF #198 pg 14: This page is not only a prime example of what I love about Kirby and Sinnot (powerful action and beautiful lines) but it didn’t cost me a penny. It was up on Ebay, but I knew it would easily finish out of my price range. So, I contacted a buyer that was itching to get a Battle Chasers cover and made him a straight up deal: he would bid on the Kirby page and if he won, we would do a swap. He did, so we did. He got his cover, I got my Kirby, a win-win in my book.