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Tom’s Collection – Day 4

Let’s finish this week off right – and with some beautiful pieces of original art!  I am looking for a Larsen Hulk piece myself – but this one is just out standing:

Defenders Cover

Defenders 3 Cover: When Kurt Busiek and Erik Larsen relaunched the defenders in 2000, I bought it mainly because I love Larsen’s Hulk. Much to my surprise the book, unlike everything else on the stands, was pure fun and often hilarious! The wacky tone was such a breath of fresh air that I knew it destined for failure. One thing I’ve learned in all my years in comics: Comic fans don’t like funny. But I do, and I love Larsen’s loose, energetic drawing style. The Defender’s logo was an add-on since Larsen signed the cover in blue ball-point pen right across the logo area. Lesson learned, if the artist offers to sign his piece, either decline or have it signed on the back

Next up – some more awesome Trimpe!

Hulk Battle Page!

Hulk 170 pg 6: It’s not often you find the page that is clearly the best page in a particular issue but, that’s the case with this one. This page from Hulk #170, is without question the best page in the book. Even better then the splash, which features only Banner and Betty. Great Hulk vs. giant monster action, by Trimpe and Abel (of course) and the first superhero comic I ever saw that showed some blood. I love this page!
And now – here’s a quick story of my own… on my honeymoon my wife and I went to art auctions.  There was this really great Top Cat animation cel that I wanted so bad!  I bid as soon as it came up – but another woman bid higher.  I was surprised and a little angry.  So, the auction started off at $60 and shot up to $220 – when I let the other woman have it.  I wasn’t looking to pay that much anyways so I’m glad I at least drove the price up on her anyways… and the reason for that story?  It’s right here – Tom’s last original art piece to show off and it’s a doozy!

Top Cat Illustration

Top Cat book Illustration: And now for something completely different. I love painted cartoon character art, but it’s hard as hell to find. I tracked this one down in 2002 after searching for almost three years and it was well worth the effort. It’s just a gorgeous piece. The colors are lush the piece really pops in person. I love the way he painted the fence in the foreground, just perfect. I’ve not yet located the source of this piece; Little Golden Books I assume, so unfortunately I can’t credit that artist
Well, this was fun – I love looking at other’s collections – and I know you guys do to – that’s why you come to this blog!  Next week I will be posting some of the new Hulk action figures that have been coming out recently – so stop on by!