Let’s Talk About the MU Line!

Thanos - w/ Infinity Gauntlet

This line of figures has started to impress me;  even with the smaller size of these figures the detail on them are outstanding!  I thought I’d show some of my nin-Hulk figures.  Wave 11 has proven to be extremely scarce around these parts – I was lucky enough to come across a Thanos and Constrictor in a Toys R Us Express – even better they were having a sale on them!  While I have only seen these figures just once – I did get REAL lucky with Wave 12 – which is great because that’s the wave that includes WWH and Samson – both of those reviews will be coming up this week. 

I wonder if he's Grimace's cousin?

I did want to discuss something – and would like to know what you guys think as well.  Recent trips to Target has shown that the $6.99 or even $7.99 price tag are now being replaced again with $8.99.  $9 for a 3″ figure?  Really Marvel?  Really?!?!?  Is this what happens when they are bought out by Disney?  I have yet to pay that price – I am lucky enough to find Target’s that have not raised the prices yet.  In fact, so far I have only had to pay the $6.99 price!  A great guy named Ted from SF snagged me a Samson at Walmart where the inflated prices were already in effect – but after finding some in Braintree later that day I was able to return the expensive one.

Juggy! One big mutha!

I know we’re talking about $2 – but that seems like a world of difference when it comes to these figures.  What are you guys out there thinking?  Who has seen these price increases?  How do you feel about them?  Who is willing to pay them?  Who is ready to boycott?!?

Jugs and Hulk have fought many times - and it's one of the best and most lively debates ever! Can the Hulk stop the Juggernaut?

10 responses to “Let’s Talk About the MU Line!

  1. 6.99 is not bad. I have seen these in a comic shop that prices them individually. The bigger ones(Hulk, Thanos.. ect) are 12.99 or so. I really only buy the Hulk related, and the exceptional ones so it doesn’t bother me that much.
    Take care

    • $6.99 is priced right – $12.99 is out of control! I too only buy the Hulk and Hulk related characters – as well as the Thanos you see above! He is just too cool not to get!

  2. I guess it might depend on what the person who’s buying makes a year? As for me I have a rule: any Hulk action fig I’ll buy up to 30 bucks, anything else 10 bucks or less. I’m sure that if I was tight with $$$ I would just stick with less than 10 bucks. You know it would be cool if you posted all the best Hulk confrontations and the outcome. For example: I have about 20 Hulk vs. Thor fights and Hulk has only 4 wins, while Thor has 3 wins. the rest are draws. you could also name the ish and number so that people can fine them and explain the outcome of the fight. If you did take on this task you could start with Juggernaut. I know your a busy family man so I’m gonna do this myself and keep it in a Hulk log for info purpose.

  3. That’s a great idea 465! I think I will have to start something like that!

    The only thing I will say about the cost of a figure is that I want to feel I am getting my money’s worth. For example – the new ML packs – Hulk/Valkyrie were $30 – and I shelled out the clams for it with no remorse – but a 3″ figure for $10 is over the top no matter how much you make! They used to give us 6″ figures for that money! And a comic included!

  4. I don’t want to be Mr. Negative, but the entire line is a steaming pile of pony love. ToyBiz was better in every single way…AND CHEAPER! The Marvel Legends line was an epic line that was so influential in the action figure world. And now Hasbro releases these little pieces of monkey crap and they cost about the same as the HUGE, more detailed, and better sculpted ToyBiz line? Crapola. It was a poor move to switch to Hasbro.
    Remember the ToyBiz Juggernaut figure? That thing was HUGE and HEAVY! I saw a little kid end up in traction that tried to lift one up in a Target. Yes, I like the fact that we finally got a Hulk “Secret Wars” figure and the upcoming WWH figure is cool…but, just like breast reductions, it’s not a good idea to go smaller.

    • I agree that the figures are no where near as great as the ML line – but have you seen the WWH figure yet? It’s flat out amazing! Small – but amazing! I plan on posting it tonight Fiddy – come back and check it out!

  5. I have to agree with both of you guys (Ratch,5150) on your comments 100% when it comes to the quality and price of the Hasbro figs. @5150 “pony love” that was fu-nnny,lol. Hey, guys check out my comic list of Hulk vs Thor on the Marvel hub VS section (Thor vs Hulk). Ratch if I’m missing issue let me know. If you look carefully you will also find some of my old art work from HSC .

  6. I too think the price is a little outrageous for a 3.75″ figure. Intetrestingly, I was looking at some of my old Star Wars guys from back around when Jedi came out, and those were around $4 to $5 bucks back in ’84!

    So, relatively speaking, the price is probably in line with general inflation, if not a little behind. But I just can’t suck it up and drop that bread on a 3.75″ figure. At some of the “Marts” round here (Wal and K) I’ve seen this line up to $9.79. That’s like…3 comics!

    I do most of my figure hunting at our local summer flea market. I’ve landed some awesome figures there for a couple of bucks a piece. Thy’re loose, but usually in pretty good shape. I’ve scored Skaar and Wendigo from Hulk Legends, a complete Galactus BAF, Stretch ‘n’ Roar Hulk, the two 13″ figures (open and closed mouth) from the Ang Lee movie, as well as about half a dozen of the other 6″ figures from the first movie.

    The best dirt mall score do date, though not very hulky, was a box containing all the figures, and complete BAFs from Blob and Brood. For $10! Also had a Beta Ray Bill figure in there. Love BRB.

    Obviously, I had to get Big Red and Big Green from the marvel select line at my LCS, and I’ve got a few other sweet figures (green and grey variant Icons, new movie Target exclusice, and mighty muggs, etc).

    But If you guys don’t mind loose figures Flea Markets are where it’s at!

  7. I’ve been a near completest with this line (I just can’t take any more Iron Man figures!), and despite what the many die-hard 6″ fans say—I absolutely love it!! Every line has it share of duds and MU is no different, but for the most part, the character selection and quality has been pretty outstanding. Not to mention the dedication Hasbro is showing. Look at how many waves we got in such a short amount of time! At under $8, I’m ok with the price and it’s a fair enough value considering the market. $9 would be pushing it. At $10+, I would like to think that I’d consider dropping the line altogether, but who knows? Seeing all these guys on one shelf with Big G as the centerpiece is one of my simple pleasures. When all is said and done, it really doesn’t matter that I paid $7 for Black Panther and $8 for Ghost Rider.

    • That’s good to hear Danny – but what really kills me about this line – the 2-packs are priced at $12.99 – at this point the regular figures will be as much as the 2-packs! And those come with a comic!

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