Marvel Universe’ World War Hulk (2010)

MU World War Hulk

Closer Look in the package!

I showed off my Thanos and Juggy yesterday – now let’s bet back to Hulk!  Here is the latest wave to hit the shelves that include WWH here and Samson – who I will be posting tomorrow – and wait till you see THAT figure!  WWHulk is an amazing figure though – with plenty of accessories!  Marvel Hulk figures have come and gone – and usually with some issue…

The bounty so far... +1

To name a few – the original ML Hulk was a cool sculpt but didn’t have a fist – Hulk figures should always have a fist!  Planet Hulk’s face was an abomination!  The first MU Hulk’s paint job could have been way better – but let’s not forget there have been some beauties as well!  ML Face-Off Hulk – both sculpts were amazing – MU Secret Wars Hulk is also outstanding!  And I think this figure will also be included in one of the best! 

The Weapons Abound!

Hulk and the Weapons

The WWH all together!

The face sculpt is perfect!  The paint application is outstanding!  The accessories are even detailed with marks on the weapons and the textures on the loin cloth and skin!  One of the issues with the Planet Hulk figure was that the arm – that was originally painted silver – then green – was never really sculpted to be an arm covered in armor.  But this is a totally different story!  This figure really captures everything so perfectly!  As of right now I have picked up 4 figures, including one that my Mother has wrapped and put under our tree… even though I bought it myself.

Would you mess with a huge Green Guy armed to the teeth?

Oh IM - When will you learn? You don't stand a chance!

14 responses to “Marvel Universe’ World War Hulk (2010)

  1. Ratchet I’m just wondering. Seems like you put a lot of time and A LOT!!!!! of money into your hulk collection. How do you do it?
    Balance out a site a family and hulk lol do you have a day job? Also how does your family feel about your collection?

    • I would LOVE to open a Hulk museum! I do have a day job – I work for myself – and I have my nights to spend with my family. My wife takes the Hulk with a grain of salt – she knows she didn’t just marry me!

  2. Wow, that may be the best MU figure, yet! The detail is impressive, that’s for sure. And despite my rant yesterday, I guess if we’re forced to swallow a 3.75″ line, this definitely makes it go down easier. I can’t believe you have four of these–and I’m yet to find one anywhere! I’ll get you yet, my pretty…and your little dog, too!

  3. I’m not too crazy about Doc Sampson, but the Hulk I’m pleased with. The older Hulk figs (green,grey and red) are all much larger than this WWH fig, bigger arms, fists, chest and head. Did you get the Monogram paperweight AvengersHulk fig? Funny, I never picked up Thanos, IMHB or the Constrictor.

    • I picked up the Hulk Avengers paperweight about a month ago – I will post it next week sometime. I will be reviewing Samson tomorrow – but my sentiments are about the same…

  4. Hard to believe that this is the same company that made the last MU hulks. Night and day!!! Maybe they are actually trying harder.

  5. Hello. Incredible figure! Just wondering, where did you buy them?

  6. Okay, Ratchet…I just want to say that I saw your generous offer to me the day you posted it, but I didn’t want to take advantage of your generosity. I have since checked 4 different Wal-Marts, 3 Targets, and a Toys R Us and *still* could not find it. So…it is on bended knee that I accept your offer–if it is still on the table.

    • Absolutely! I actually found another one too – which I bought… because I am sick in the head! Just email me your address – I know I have it but I don’t want to go looking fo it – and I will send it off right away!

  7. Will do! Thank you so much, just let me know how much it was.

  8. hey you guys are the only website i found with this much interest in the HULK. i recently bought the monogram avengers hulk figure. it was packaged upside down is it one of a kind?

    • I will tell you what I have told many before you – it is considered a defect. Packaged upside down – while rare – is not usually considered more valuable. You may have a small niche of collectors who seek these defects out – but these collectors themselves are pretty scarce. But it happens all the time – figures get packaged in the wrong package, they get sealed upside down, they are missing an item – it’s more common than you think.

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