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McDonald’s Hulk (2010)

Superhero Squad Hulk

Let me start off by saying that this Hulk is a HUGE improvement over the last one.  But I do have an issue… why couldn’t they cover the back of his arms?  Like I said though – this is one sweet little figure!  There is a small button on the back that makes his arms close in – and incidentally it makes my daughter laugh when it happens! 

Now turn!

Other side... note the back of the arms...

I do not eat McDonald’s but I was told that you can buy the figure seperately from having to buy the meal.  I guess that depends on what restaurant you visit though because while one place let me – another McD’s did not.  Thay said I HAD to buy the Kid’s Meal in order to get the toy.  Whatever Ronald!  You’re just a clown with a purple blob as a best friend!

The 2 McDonald's Hulk toys