McDonald’s Hulk (2010)

Superhero Squad Hulk

Let me start off by saying that this Hulk is a HUGE improvement over the last one.  But I do have an issue… why couldn’t they cover the back of his arms?  Like I said though – this is one sweet little figure!  There is a small button on the back that makes his arms close in – and incidentally it makes my daughter laugh when it happens! 

Now turn!

Other side... note the back of the arms...

I do not eat McDonald’s but I was told that you can buy the figure seperately from having to buy the meal.  I guess that depends on what restaurant you visit though because while one place let me – another McD’s did not.  Thay said I HAD to buy the Kid’s Meal in order to get the toy.  Whatever Ronald!  You’re just a clown with a purple blob as a best friend!

The 2 McDonald's Hulk toys

6 responses to “McDonald’s Hulk (2010)

  1. I was upset about the SAME thing when I got this back when, how much more effort would it have taken to close up the back of the arms?

  2. Hmmm….I don’t know why…but I always thought the second figure was from Taco Bell.
    Here again, I went to…oh, I don’t know…a conservative guess would be…a zillion McDonald’s looking for this thing (no kidding–I checked McDonald’s in New York, Ohio, and Canada) and NEVER found the Hulk. I should probably just get him on eBay.

  3. Don’t mean to divert from the subject of the post, but I don’t really know how to contact you outside of the blog, so if you or someone who has an opinion could comment on this that would be great.

    I got the Dynamic Forces exclusive variant cover for Incredible Hulk #600 today and it has a certificate and DF sticker sealing the flap of the sleeve. My problem is I like to store my comics in 4mil Mylar with acid-free cardboard and tape, but the comic was stored in basic stuff. If I carefully remove the DF sticker and reapply it to my own stuff, would that be okay or a mistake?

  4. IMO the original McDs Hulk toy wins out in playability still. The new one looks MUCH better of course, but he can’t really punch or fight

  5. Andre the hulk fan

    Finally got my macca’s toy today – first day they are released in Australia ! Sure got some funny looks when asked for 4 Hulk’s and a chesseburger ……… two for my kids, one to keep in the plastic and one to sit on my desk – two bucks a piece what a bargain ! Sorry i’m a bit excited and had to share with an appreciative audience……

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