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Planet Hulk Hero Clix (2010)

Planet Hulk Heroclix

Let me start by letting you know – it was this dusty when I took the freakin’ thing out of the package.  I have dusted it since – but couldn’t even see the dust this bad until I looked at the pics.  But, moving on, I don’t pick up a lot of these Hero Clix.  I picked this up though – not only because it’s a limited piece – but because they have 4 characters from the Planet Hulk series displayed!

Hulk and Meik

You have Hulk of course but also Meik, Korg and Silver Savage.  These are some of the more memorable characters from the storyline.  The Silver Savage fight was one of the best, most brutal fights in the whole arc!  Korg is the Hulk’s most loyal and powerful allies – this is evident because Korg is still in the pages of Hulk to this day!  Meik is, of course, the most despised character as he is the one who betrayed the Hulk and was the one who actually planted the bomb that destroyed Hulk’s kingdom on Sakaar.  Which of course started the events of World War Hulk.

Meik and Silver Savage!

I love how accepted the Planet Hulk storyline has become – even to those who didn’t read the Hulk before.  It really is one of the best stories told in recent years – the effects of which we are still reading today – be that good or bad.

Korg and Hulk