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Kotobukiya Green Hulk Statue (2010)

Koto Hulk in the house!

The whole freakin' thing!

This review has been a long time coming!  I am sorry things have been taken so long recently to finally post – but I will catch up soon!  Now this statue certainly has had it’s share of controversy surrounding it.  Beginning with the anatomy of the statue – especially the lower jaw.  The way it sticks out is an eye sore to some – and while I can’t remember the Hulk ever having an underbite – it doesn’t take away from the pretty perfect rendition that Koto has done here of McG’s Hulk!

Does Hulk wear nail polish?

I mean, let’s be honest – McG isn’t known for his accurate anatomy portrayal – he’s known for drawing amazing looking beefed up characters.  It was like he was born to draw the Hulk!  Arguably, he is the reason Loeb’s terrible Hulk series sold so well.  But some of this statue’s critics say the muscles are all wrong – and all I can say is – when I see this statue I see McGuiness.  And that’s a pretty amazing feat to accomplish!

"And your back! It's worse than the front!"

The other complaint – and this one I agree with – is that the paint application isn’t up to par.  There is only one place that I see the paints as a problem – the ripped shirt around his waist.  The paint used was too thin and the purple underneath shows through.  People have said it was meant to look like that – but I can’t believe that they WANTED it to look like crap!  Come on!  But, this is a very easy fix – one that I have yet to do but will in the future!

Get out of the way! Hulk is coming!

I know what is coming next – everyone will want to know where the Red Hulk statue is – if I picked it up – and that is just a silly question!  Of course I didn’t!  I was very close… VERY close though because of the deal my LCS was going to give me – but I still passed.  I wanted to spend my money of things I love to look at – and the Red Hulk just isn’t it!  The green Hulk though – awesome!  I think there is another reason that I am so fond of this statue – and that’s because McG went to Massasoit College – a place right in MA that is right next to my LCS.

Bad Ass - in the house!

So there you have it – this is the review people have asked for – while I agree with some of the detractors sentiments about the flaws in this statue over-all it’s a fantastic representation of one of the best Hulk artists who ever graced the pages of one of the greatest heroes ever conceived!