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Hulkbuster and Gamma Hulk Mini-Mates (2010)

Hulkbuster and Gamma Hulk Minimates

Gamma Hulk in his natural habitat!

I am pretty sure the minimates are my new favorite Marvel line.  They are tiny, adorable and 2 come in a pack so they are never lonely!  It’s the perfect thing ever!  Granted, I was surprised when they matched up the WWH with Mr. Fantastic, I mean, those two aren’t friends!  They will just bicker and agure until the end of time!  It’s just mean to pair these two up!  Same with this match up!  I mean IM designed this suit JUST to beat the Hulk up!

Transparent Hulk! The one we've been waiting for! Wait, what?

This little guy is awesome!

Didn’t we have a Gamma Glow Hulk?  I know we did!  And a better one at that!  This Hulk you can hardly see his tiny little face!  But it is pretty awesome that IM helmet raises to see te regular IM helmet underneath!

Here are the two Gamma Hulks!

Woo Hoo! Helmet Up!