Hulk #28 (2010) – The Review

Hulk #28

Alright, as this series progresses I realize more and more issues.  See, one of the biggest issues there is in making the Red Hulk a “hero” sort fo speak is, well, we already HAVE a hero Hulk.  Keeping Red a villain would have been the only way to keep this character interesting.  Well, that and not having Loeb write him in the first place.  I have gone on record saying that the idea of the Red Hulk was an interesting one – but the execution was hugely flawed.  It could have been one of the best chapters in the Hulk series – but instead it is considered a dark period.  Red could have been the next Venom!

MODOK - Looking like he belongs on Tiger Beat

Remember when Venom appeared – he was a foe like no other Spiderman ever faced before.  The whole first saga seriously rocked!  Instead we are left with a series people describe as “tongue in cheek” because they can’t admit that they like reading crap.  Back in the 90’s they tried to turn Venom into a hero – and they were dilluting the charater.  Unfortunately, Marvel doesn’t seem to learn their lesson because they are doing it again.  Venom is best when used as a real threat against Spiderman and then disappears for a while.

Red taking on the Monsters!

Red would be best used in the same regard – but instead Marvel sees a cash cow and begins milking like crazy.  The original series was supposed to last 6 issues – keep that in mind people – 6 FREAKIN’ ISSUES!  They turned it into a 2+ year mystery that no one cared about by the end – and most already knew the reveal anyways.  Bear in mind – they strung people along for so long – that the issue that actually revealed his identity wasn’t even an “event”.  It came and went with people shrugging and feeling underwhelmed.  So what to do?

Rick is not himself... in more ways than one

They continue the series – making Red a hero of sorts – cleaning up his messes and trying to make amends with all of the heroes he beat up.  They even make him an Avenger.  That’s right – he’s an Avenger.  Sound familiar?  It should – we’ve seen this all before – with an impressive almost 50 years of history behind him.  We now have a charater that hollers like a Hulk, walks like a Hulk, Smashes like a Hulk – but we’re supposed to accept him as something more than the Hulk we’ve seen for years.  I am getting so bored of this character. 

oh no... ross can't change (Notice the lower case letters? That's to show boredom)

Now Ross can’t change back when he needs to… is it Deja Vu?  Banner has struggled with this problem a few times.  Now Ross is dealing with it and we’re supposed to be, what?  Shocked?  Worried?  Are we supposed to care?  We’re being dealt a Hulk of a different color, that’s exactly the same, it turns out.  That’s not to say Parker is doing a bad job (I actually like his mix of humor and action – he’s actually writing more of a Hulk book – just not the right Hulk), mind you, in fact he’s leaps and bounds better than Loeb – but he’s a writing a character that was stale in his inception.  Hulk and TIHs sell practically the same – not that either is doing spectacualr right now – but the readers are dwindling and you can’t help but wonder is they had just let the Hulk keep his own series and introduced Red, much like they did with Venom, in the regular title, how things may be different/better?  Grade: B- (keep in mind – there’s nothing wrong with the writing – the story is still quite interesting – it’s just the staleness of the character)

17 responses to “Hulk #28 (2010) – The Review

  1. Don’t love the character, don’t find this book interesting, don’t like Hardman’s art… don’t have the sense to keep my four bucks either though. (What is that??) I need this rag to go away because I can’t seem to leave it on the rack. ….juust ..not…strong….enouuugh.

  2. We are literally suffering from the same disease!

  3. Ratchet,I thought this was better than the last two which just seemed like repeats of Parker’s first issue. Actually Jeff has good ideas. The problem is Ross. It is hard to make him a likable character given what we know about him. The major flaw I see with Parker’s story is we still fail to see why the reader should care about this guy. This is hard for any writer given how he has been written over the years. Maybe Parker will do this in the next few issues.

    • Hey Zeno – I moved your comment to this post – for some reason it was at the Grey Hulk LSB post.

      But I agree – and that’s pretty much what I was saying above. Marvel should have kept him a villain – but they didn’t – because villains don’t hold their own titles very well – so they are making him a “hero” of sorts – but that’s the Hulk’s status… so it’s coming off a bit… redundant. It’s too bad too – because I like the writing – like you said. Hopefully you are right and they will explore ways to make us actually like this character in issues to come.

  4. Jeff Parker is a good writer. Marvel Sucks. What a waste of my money and time. I liked the dialogue and art. Too bad this could not be done with the original Hulk. Quesada is a douchebag for his stupid ideas. and Stan Lee must be retarted! What a mess. I loved readinding Marvel in the ’80s. Thank you for ruining my entertainment time Marvel. Seriously.

  5. Sorry. Stan Lee must be banging too many hot lady’s to care. Just readining 🙂 coz I care.

  6. i like red hulk I guess I not a big big big hulk fan, so I guess I can put up with it a little more. most hulk fans will feel like you, about red hulk I assume, i like hulk alot but not my favorite lol I guess cause he always wins and thats getting old to me, like red hulk getting old and dumb and or samething happening or whatever lol its just a change to me. it would be great if they make a hulk comic were he gets his butt kicked bad like superman doomsday lol you know how much that would be selling lol holy crap it would be very very huge cause people be like you can beat the hulk.

    • Dave- I agree – it would be nice to have a Hulk foe that could really go toe to toe with him – but the way the Red Hulk was handled was just too poor for my liking. First off – the Red Hulk really should not be in his own title – and it’s fine of the Red Hulk is strong – or stronger than the real Hulk – so Banner would have to find another way to beat him. But the way Marvel has handled it was just terrible.

  7. I thank Pitt can go toe to toe, but thats fullbleed comics, Pitt also gets stonger when mad. Red Hulk is getting a little better, and I do like Hulk alot, but yeah it would be nice to see him really struggling with a foe and come back again and be struggling again lol and like I said that would sell like crazy just like superman doomsday comics, people be beating up each other to see how hulk lost or what beat him up, it would be the same thing just as big.

  8. well let me rephrase that maybe not as big but big, DC only killed off their baby (superman) cause they were heading into the ground, and that was their way out. so Marvel wouldnt kill off their baby, unless they need too and or if Marvel was in some sort of trouble.

  9. I just wanted to say I think there are going to be some major revelations regarding the Hulk and his background in this new issue or the one coming up. Judging by the information given in the stories and interviews and the solicitations it seems the Hulk might have some connection to the gods. If you read between the lines in the Hulk vs. Hercules one shot from a few years ago this was hinted at in parts of that story.

  10. Are you saying regarding the real Hulk or Red?

  11. I meant the real Hulk. Have you read today’s issue? It is decent but as usual, the story felt rushed. We already know the Hulk family will play a big part in the last issue of Chaos War but what exactly they will do is uncertain.

    • I was snowed in today – no way to get to the LCS – but I will make sure I get it tomorrow. I will review it next week

  12. Have you read some of the interviews Pak did? Including the one with Van Lente on the Chaos War? He says that particular interview that in issue 621 will involve giants and centaurs. A Greek mythology connection once again. He also stated that Miek is in the new Savage Land story arc. This was guessed by a few people who read the March solicits since it said the Hulk was confronting his wife’s killer. Finally, a Skaar in the Savage Land 5 part mini series will star this april,but it is not written by Pak or Parker.

  13. I saw the Mini – saw the cover art – looks cool – but I did not read the interview.. do you have a link?

  14. Again. I am now a Thor fan more than Hulksss. Now all these Hulks. Blasphemy to state if I was in my teens. Just ruining the character. Now he is just a concept. FU Marvel! Thor is now the Strongest in my world. I Officially Hate Hulk. In fact they are writing everything sh**Y..Eat y how much you suck Marvel!

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