The Incredible Hulk #23 Pg#18 (2001)

Holz's dark lines and moody scenes make this an issue to remember

A lot of very unique artists have lent their talents to the pages of the Hulk.  Kyle Hotz is certainly in that category.  His style is unique and fantastic – this storyline was an interesting one.  I can’t say it was my favorite, but the great thing is that we did get to see Fixit after a long hiatus.

The grey Hulk has always been the “softer” of the Hulks – but only in terms of strength – his attitude is the fun part of reading him.  He’s no slouch as a bruiser – but he certainly is getting his ass handed to him on this page.

Fixit doesn't go down that easy!

One response to “The Incredible Hulk #23 Pg#18 (2001)

  1. excuse me but I can see that you love the Hulk and I’m right now working in a diorama for Thor Vs Hulk, so you are invited for leave a comment or critic for my work, Thanks!

    (sorry I don’t speak English)

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