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Sideshow’s Recent Releases…

I didn’t do a Best/Worst list for 2010, not because there wasn’t enough things released but, because I didn’t want it to seem like I was picking on Sideshow.  SS released 2 Hulk pieces this year – and BOTH missed the mark, in my opinion. The problem is simple, really – the Sculptor’s are missing the mark on the most important part of any Hulk sculpt.

See, any sculptor worth his weight in clay has a good understanding of anatomy – and sculpts it enough it becomes almost second nature – that’s the easy part. The hard part, and also the part where artistic interpretation comes into play.  Let’s start with the first release – the Life Size Hulk Bust:

How did the Hulk steal Christmas?

Ultimately, with both the Legendary Scale and Life Size Busts SS decided to go with the Hulk bearing a full set of chompers. This isn’t the best expression to go with – yet they have now done it twice!  Not to mention, if you look at the brow – he’s doesn’t look angry exactly!  What were they going with then?  Content?  Constipated?  I think he certainly fits the latter.  We don’t need an angry Hulk though – that would be fine – if it still looked like the Hulk!  The other main issue with this bust is the tiny little nose they gave him.  There is no bridge at all to his nose – it is squished in between his eyes!  Even worse?  This huge mutha retails for $500.  That’s right – you have to spend a ridiculous half a grand to get a huge bust that hardly even looks like the Hulk!  If you check ebay – for an auction that ISN’T a BIN – you will see that these pieces usually tops out at about $300.  So now we are left with a piece that is flawed in the sculpt and in price.  I am happy I never picked this one up – my instincts were spot on here – I think in the future we will see this piece go even lower.

What Me Worry? Hulk


SS other release was the comiquette.  While most collector’s agree that the LSB is a disaster – the comiquette is more of a heated debate.  There are collector’s out there that feel this piece will de-throne the PF as the king of Hulk collectibles – I strongly disagree.  I think there are a few issues with this piece – starting with the face.  The face makes or breaks a Hulk statue – and this one is a little too Alfred E Newman for me.  Some even say Mike Tyson – I don’t give it that much credit.  The pose is another issue –  get that he’s supposed to be landing from an enormous jump – but he looks more like he’s slipping on a banana peel.  Not to mention that there is obvious anatomy problems – the head is too tiny – the fists are too big – and he has love handles.  There are just too many issues to ignore with this piece – and again SS is asking almost $400 for it.  Never mind that the exclusive is a print – that statue is the same, it just comes with a color copy of the original artwork.  I think the most glaring issue is the mid 90’s army buzz cut that the Hulk is sporting.  Ugh – it’s just too ugly!  Like I said, time will tell if this Hulk will increase or decrease in value – my money is on losing value over time.  What do you think?

Full Pic

Now – this being a fan site – I decided to get another perspective on the comiquette.  An avid Hulk collector – who I would love to showcase his collection one day – he has the best customs! – Well, he bought the Comiquette for its sculpt and pose.  He customized his – take a look: