Sideshow’s Recent Releases…

I didn’t do a Best/Worst list for 2010, not because there wasn’t enough things released but, because I didn’t want it to seem like I was picking on Sideshow.  SS released 2 Hulk pieces this year – and BOTH missed the mark, in my opinion. The problem is simple, really – the Sculptor’s are missing the mark on the most important part of any Hulk sculpt.

See, any sculptor worth his weight in clay has a good understanding of anatomy – and sculpts it enough it becomes almost second nature – that’s the easy part. The hard part, and also the part where artistic interpretation comes into play.  Let’s start with the first release – the Life Size Hulk Bust:

How did the Hulk steal Christmas?

Ultimately, with both the Legendary Scale and Life Size Busts SS decided to go with the Hulk bearing a full set of chompers. This isn’t the best expression to go with – yet they have now done it twice!  Not to mention, if you look at the brow – he’s doesn’t look angry exactly!  What were they going with then?  Content?  Constipated?  I think he certainly fits the latter.  We don’t need an angry Hulk though – that would be fine – if it still looked like the Hulk!  The other main issue with this bust is the tiny little nose they gave him.  There is no bridge at all to his nose – it is squished in between his eyes!  Even worse?  This huge mutha retails for $500.  That’s right – you have to spend a ridiculous half a grand to get a huge bust that hardly even looks like the Hulk!  If you check ebay – for an auction that ISN’T a BIN – you will see that these pieces usually tops out at about $300.  So now we are left with a piece that is flawed in the sculpt and in price.  I am happy I never picked this one up – my instincts were spot on here – I think in the future we will see this piece go even lower.

What Me Worry? Hulk


SS other release was the comiquette.  While most collector’s agree that the LSB is a disaster – the comiquette is more of a heated debate.  There are collector’s out there that feel this piece will de-throne the PF as the king of Hulk collectibles – I strongly disagree.  I think there are a few issues with this piece – starting with the face.  The face makes or breaks a Hulk statue – and this one is a little too Alfred E Newman for me.  Some even say Mike Tyson – I don’t give it that much credit.  The pose is another issue –  get that he’s supposed to be landing from an enormous jump – but he looks more like he’s slipping on a banana peel.  Not to mention that there is obvious anatomy problems – the head is too tiny – the fists are too big – and he has love handles.  There are just too many issues to ignore with this piece – and again SS is asking almost $400 for it.  Never mind that the exclusive is a print – that statue is the same, it just comes with a color copy of the original artwork.  I think the most glaring issue is the mid 90’s army buzz cut that the Hulk is sporting.  Ugh – it’s just too ugly!  Like I said, time will tell if this Hulk will increase or decrease in value – my money is on losing value over time.  What do you think?

Full Pic

Now – this being a fan site – I decided to get another perspective on the comiquette.  An avid Hulk collector – who I would love to showcase his collection one day – he has the best customs! – Well, he bought the Comiquette for its sculpt and pose.  He customized his – take a look:


10 responses to “Sideshow’s Recent Releases…

  1. This would have been a great Hulk statue, but like you said the head is way off and it just isnt that good looking lol the mouth is to big too so it seems, but man that would been a nice Hulk statue if it wasnt for all the (overly lol is that a word ), big stuff on it. The head and fist lol the whole statue is just ok. I still like the bowen statue the best and i have it .

  2. My problem is, the Hulk’s head is way too small and the face like you said. The real problem though? The fact that he’s TOO big, he looks like a body-builder. The hulk’s supposed to look like an athlete, big and muscular, but lean at the same time, and not looking fat from how big his musculature is.

  3. Well this is a case of agreeing to disagree. This is THE Hulk statue for me. I was at first put off by the hair and the pose. But the more I looked at it the more impressed I became. Then came the SDCC shots and I knew we had a winner.

    I have never had a problem with the size of the head. Many artist have depicted the Hulk with a huge body and a small head. Same goes for the Hands. The hands are huge and they should be. Again many artist have depicted Hulk that way. I just don’t get the hang up. However I will admit that the hulk when looked at from the left side profile, the head looks too small. The body is just so thick that it really makes the head look like a small ball placed on the body. But from the right profile or from any straight on angle it looks just fine.

    I can see why some would hate the hair. The hulk has really never had THAT haircut. But it’s really not an issue for me. The face sculpt is PERFECT IMO. Photos do not do it justice.

    The body sculpt is amazing. Again it needs to be seen in person to see all the details that are there. The poors, the skin imperfections, everything. This is were the PF and the Comiquette are very similar.

    The Pose. I just don’t see the slipping on a banana thing. This pose is dynamic and very original. It’s not just another Hulk statue. If you put it in a room with all the other hulk statues this one would stand out. Much better then the PF pose IMO.

    But I understand the points made against this piece. But for me it’s a classic and the end all be all of Hulk statues. I for one hope it does not go up in value. I never want to be tempted to sell it so i can double or triple my money.

  4. PS. Those are not love handles. There is an actual muscle there and the Hulks is super large and defined.

  5. Even with the way they look, I’d still get them honestly, my problem? I’m a broke college student haha…

    On a side note, does anyone know if there are any Hulk-themed comic boxes that exist? Its been 3 years since I started collecting the Jade Giant, and it’s just not ideal to keep 300+comics in a stack anymore, and I’d rather have something that fit nicely with everything else rather than just a big white box haha.

  6. Loeb has no talent

    Best Hulk statue ever!!! So many details!!! perfect sculpt.

  7. Loeb has no talent

    Only in your eyes, cause for me its a perfect representation of Ariel Olivetti’s art.

    • Not just my eyes – I know many of Hulk fans that feel it’s not up to par. Again, I am glad you like it – but I think a perfect statue would at least make all the Hulk fans happy. This piece just doesn’t do it.

      It might be a good representation of the inspired art – but the artist himself did not do the Hulk justice. Olivetti is a good artists – but not a great Hulk artist.

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