Iron Man Hulkbuster (2010)

Hulkbuster Iron Man

Here is another impressive figure – even if it is of such short stature.  This figure was brought out in the second wave of IM figures and – in my opinion – the only one worth getting.  I might be biased though… So, I know the IM movie was a big money maker and all – and the first was an unexpected blockbuster – but the second brought out a whole slew of IM figures that – as crazy as it sounds – look WAY too similar.  AND not to mention – there are now a whole slew of MU figures as well!  Every wave has a new Iron Man!  The new one is Iron Man with light brite on his armor…

But this figure is the cream of the crop – worth the now $5.00 price tag that most stores are asking for them now.  $5.00 is the perfect price for these figures.  Marvel really needs to take notice and lower their prices on stuff.  I just saw recently some Comic Shops trying to gauge their customers for $15 for each figure.  And WWH was $18.  $18!  Ridiculous!

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