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The Incredible Hulk #464 (1998) – The Review

The Incredible Hulk #464

I loved Kubert on the Hulk.  His art fit so nicely – but he also couldn’t keep a monthly schedule… so his dad had to help finish the issues.  Which is actually not as great as you think.  Adam and Joe have completely different styles – and they don’t mesh well!  I really feel like I have written this before – but moving on, it’s distracting when the art changes halfway through an issue.  That being said – this is a pretty great read!

Ross remembering his past...

Trauma died way back in issue #416.  His father, Armageddon, is a particular great Hulk foe (they should have used him way more) and he let the Hulk and the Pantheon go, honoring his dead son’s dying wish.  But now he is back.  nd he wants the Hulk to give his life to bring his son back.  Oh boy – I am getting ahead of myself here… first, let me explain that Armageddon is back on Earth and set up shop in the Leader’s old home, Freehold.  He discovered the Leader’s re-animation machine – crap, I am still getting ahead of myself…

Actually, the issue starts with Ross and Banner being walked through Freehold by the Troyjans – Armageddon’s soldiers – and Ross and Banner are having a little banter about the death of Trauma, whose fault it was and such.  Ross asks Bruce is Armageddon holds a grudge – then they come across a statue of Armageddon and Trauma holding a decapitated Hulk head!  And Rock – remember Rock?  Sam LaRoquette of the Hulkbusters turned into Rock by the Leader?  Well, he sees Banner and Ross and goes to say “Hi”  Ross is shocked at LaRoquette’s condition but then remembers all about his life/death – time as Redeemer and resurrection.

Rock and Armageddon

Rick Jones is still crying about being a cripple and Marlo sets him straight in a really funny back and forth.  Remember kids – Franklin Delano Roosevelt was in a wheelchair – not Teddy.

Classic Image

Meanwhile, we see the Silver Surfer blasting his way into Freehold.  This is about the point where Armageddon tells the Hulk about wanting him to give his life so that his son may live.  Surfer comes to the rescue and blasts in – he tells the Hulk to leave – but Hulk declines.  He says that he will do it.  He will give his life for Armageddon’s life.  Hulk climbs into the machine and once it begins the Troyjans say the readings are of the scale.  Armageddon asks why Hulk is laughing – and suddenly the whole machine explodes.  Trauma’s body burns up and Armageddon is happy that at least the Hulk was taken in the explosion.  Then the Hulk walks out of the rubble saying that it tickled.  Armageddon knows that the Hulk knew what would happen.  The Troyjans are ready to attack – but Armageddon stops them.  In a strange turn of events – he applauds the Hulk’s confidence and says that the Hulk beat him.  Then, as he is leaving with his army, he tells the Hulk that he WILL kill him someday – and asks who loves him enough to bring him back when he dies.

Hulk takes Trauma out... for good!

Great, great issue.  I think Armageddon is so underused as a Hulk villain!  He almost looks like an evil Beta Ray Bill without the snout.  I love how PD’s stories bring back events from his past.  It’s what a good writer does – it’s what Pak does.  To fully understand this story you have to read Ground Zero, Ghosts of the Past and the Troyjan War.  Makes me realize I have a lot of great stories to cover!  This issue gets a solid B+