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A True RARE Grail!

I always suspect shenanigans when someone selling an item tells me how rare and desired it is (*cough, cough Stretch Hulk cough, cough) only to try to sell me the item for a ridiculous, inflated price that I would NEVER even get close to when trying to re-sell it.  Anyways, there was one Hulk item that I clamored over, even when I first started collecting Hulk.  Not that it was rare or anything – but I wanted the Hulk Toy Chest – the 1978, green top, purple base, humongous Hulk Toy Chest.  The one above and below here.

But if you notice, mine came completely clean – void of all stickers.  I like how it looks clean but I am also looking into trying to restore it back to its former glory – stickers and all, including the eye stickers – which seem to be impossible to find.  The other original stickers, well, they make an appearace from time to time in various conditions, but the eye stickers still attached seem to be the hardest and rarest to find.  Back when Hulk Space was still in its glory days I was conversing with another forum member.  I wasn’t totally sold on the idea that the toy box ever even came with stickers.  He came up with a few pics: 

Hulk Ad

Now, if you look at the original box (below) for the Hulk toy box you can read on the side that the labels didn’t come pre-applied.  I have a theory on why so many of these Hulk toy boxes show up without the eyes – maybe people (and I am talking to you lazy parents!) never put them on!  It would explain why I have never seen one in person – and there are so few with even the residue from the glue left on the eyes.

The original Hulk Toy Box... Box

So what do you guys think?  Should I bother restoring mine o should I leave it alone – keep in mind restorations are hardly ever worth the money you put into them, as most collectors want originals, and a lot of time restorations are viewed as “undesirable”.  But I am still on the fence about restoring mine – as I think it would look incredible! Let me know – vote below!

*People still try to insist that the strecth Hulk is hugely desired – but the truth is there are a few sitting on ebay – and have been sitting – even though the sellers have lowered the prices.  Mainly because these item’s value has been bloated by a certain seller – who now is feeling the burn as he is trying to sell off his Stretch Hulks and is unable to.)