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Maestro Bust Kit (200?)

Maestro Bust

Ever since I saw this kit I wanted it.  Like I said before – I don’t go crazy buying kits – there are a TON of them out there – but I just had to have this one!  This one was sold to me from a guy on the Statue Forum this time.  Another forum I post at – actually, it’s the place I spend 90% of my time while conversing on the net.  Check it out if you’re not a member.  I only have one issue here – and it has to do with the paint job.

The Paints are done well - except the cheek!

Painters are pretty talented.  But this kit – of the almighty Maestro – was already painted up when I bought it.  The issue I have is the paint up is a bit sloppy… and there’s one real spot that I see an issue with… the cheek.  Maestro sports a classic Paul Bunyan beard and it’s gone pretty grey.  While painting this sucker up the painter got a small amount of white on the cheek and while most people wouldn’t be bothered by it… it’s a glaring gaffe to me.

The Base makes this bust rock!

The best part of this kit though… is the amazing base.  The sculptor chose to make a “fallen heroes” sort of base – just like the Bowen FS base we see some of the best heroes who fell to Maestro’s mighty power.  Iron Man’s Helmet, Thor’s Hammer, Doom’s Cowl and Mask and on the back, half of Cap’s Shield.  This is an amazing sculpt and can look extremely menacing and intimidating – with the right paint job – like here especially.  I am going to look into getting this re-e – but for now I am just happy that I snagged one for a great price!

Cap and Iron Man... no match for the Maestro!