Hulk Baseball Hat (2010)

Hulk Hat

Checked into Lids this past Christmas and snagged his puppy for a cool $5!  That’s right, a measley honest Abe!  I like the hat – the front depicting a huge Hulk face – and the back with the Hulk logo.  As much as I like the front of it – it’s a bit much – so I choose to wear it backward.  The issue with Hulk apparell is that the Hulk doesn’t have a great logo like Spiderman, Batman, even Iron Man’s new hand logo.  They are all cool – but Marvel never came up with a great Hulk logo. 

Ain't I pretty!

4 responses to “Hulk Baseball Hat (2010)

  1. I agree about the logo. I think the second “Incredible Hulk” (movie) logo was cool. I liked the whole hybrid of the concrete letters and the Movie font.

  2. It’s nice to see them finally using some Herb Trimpe art for licensed products.
    I don’t know what the deal is with Marvel, but every retro Hulk product seems to use either Jack Kirby or Sal Buscema art. Jack I can understand, but Sal?…Ugh…

  3. Is there any other info you can share that would help me locate a replacement for mine? After hours of searching online, you’re the only one with a picture of it.

    Found mine at a plate’s closet. Now its in the bottom of a lake after my older brother sped up and I went flying in while passing. Would have gone in after it if wasn’t in the middle of the night, and my fear of giant cat fish swallowing people whole weren’t an issue.

    I’m not a hat person, but I loved that hat. Made me feel young too.

    • I would love to tell you where to find it but alas – maybe ebay? I no longer have mine either as it was retired years ago due to wear and tear

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