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Hulk Inflatable Playpal (2010)


Hulk Inflatable Playpal

I’ve gotten real lucky in the past finding Hulk items.  It happened again here too – because I saw this on TRU’s website and knew I had to have it!  I really didn’t want to have to order over the website because then I would have to pay for shipping and such.  Then, over the Christmas season I was walking through Toys and noticed the Spiderman Inflatable Playpal.  I asked about the Hulk to one of the employees and he looked upstairs for me – but to no avail.  Amazingly, on his way down he said that he saw them unloading the truck and they were taking one of these boxes off of it.  The boxes contained 2 Spiderman, an Iron Man and, of course, the Hulk!  One of the best parts of this piece is the real crazy hair.  I can’t wait for my daughter to get a little bigger – I am going to totally bust this out and let her bounce around the whole house!

Hulk bed head...